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    Luna – Turn Your Bed into a Smartbed

    Luna intelligently manages your bed temperature, tracks sleep, and makes your bed smart. Luna is the world’s first mattress cover that makes any bed smart. Slip it onto your mattress and watch as your regular bed turns into a smart… Continue Reading


    Samsung Gear VR

    Find your look with the shiver colored frames. Experience the virtual reality with Gear VR’s ergonomic design. VR incorporates soft and flexible cushioning for the ultimate comfort design. It becomes easy for everyone to enjoy Virtual Reality. With mega sized… Continue Reading


    Bronze Black Dial

    The attraction to bronze is in its patina and oxidation that develop on the bronze surface, giving the watch its true and unique character. We are going to deliver the coolest looking bronze watches at best value, with quality to… Continue Reading


    Glow – The First Smart Headphones with Laser Light

    Glow merges state-of-the art sound technology, laser light and a heart rate sensor for an experience like no other. The first smart headphones that glow with laser light, Glow pulses brilliantly to the beat of your favorite music or to… Continue Reading


    Chair One with Concrete Base by Magis

    Inspired from the design of a soccer ball with the vision being more on creating void than solid, the Chair One with Concrete Base by Magis is both unique and comfortable. The base is made of concrete whereas the seat… Continue Reading


    Chair One with Concrete Base by Magis

    Inspired from the design of a soccer ball with the vision being more on creating void than solid, the Chair One with Concrete Base by Magis is both unique and comfortable. The base is made of concrete whereas the seat can be constructed in either polished die-cast aluminium or in die-cast aluminium treated with sputtered fluorinated titanium and painted in polyester powder. You can also opt for the swivel version with self returning mechanism. A perfect chair for outdoor or indoor seating which is available in four colors: red, black white and grey. Designer Konstantin Grcic has indeed kept up with his words on creating a piece of beauty with minimum use of materials.

    Coffee & Whiskey Pillow Case Set

    This Coffee & Whiskey Pillow Case Set  is probably one of the coolest gift ideas for the partyholics in town. It’s ideally meant for those who survive on coffee in the mornings and enjoy their night with whiskey shots. The pillowcase is white in color with the print being on standard shams. The design is by Gypsy Warrior which has the following measurements: 29.5” Width x 21” Height. You will not only feel good personally while you go for your naps every now and then but will also add a touch of humor to your bedrooms this way. A great way you can actually speak out loud your style of existence.


    After School Reminder Stickers

    Give your little ones their cleanliness lessons with a bit of fun using these After School Reminder Stickers. They come from the Decoration Series and are a great way to implement education through the use of visual imagery. Be it brushing their teeth, packing their bags for school next day or exploring something new from a book, the stickers take your child through all those activities a little one generally needs to go through every evening. They are made of 100% recyclable PVC-free adhesive and can be an amazing addition for your kid’s room anyday. Learning everyday habits in a new style!


    High & Dry Dish Rack by Black + Blum

    Optimize space on your kitchen top by replacing your existing dishrack with this modern High & Dry Dish Rack by Black + Blum. It’s inspired from the contemporary world of space saving designs and bears an architecture that’s pretty neat and beautiful at the same time. The rack also features an optional drainage tray. The idea was to create products that will be charming and functional altogether. This one comes in three colors of green, white and sage that will surely make a great addition for your kitchen top. Store all your dishes, spoons and plates at one place and save enough space that way.


    Camouflage Phone Case

    Made from durable and lightweight low-temp carbonate, the Camouflage Phone Case is just like its name. It’s available for all iPhone models and Samsung Galaxy S5, S4, S3, Note 3 and Note 2. The case will not only protect your phone but does so without looking too bulky from any angle. 3D printing has been used to give shape to the design all around the case. The image transferred on the case surface is both long-lasting and will not fade out over time. In case you keep it in rough grounds or muddy areas, it’s only going to camouflage with the background. A perfect build for the sturdy heroes like you.


    Battery Powered Wall Mount Mirror

    Install it anywhere without the pain of going through electrical work and the Battery Powered Wall Mount Mirror will always work right. You’ll get those illuminated close-up views from the wall and not have any dangling cords nearby. The arms extend 12” with the glass rotating at 360-degree for the viewers to get that appropriate angle of view. One side of the mirror will provide 10X magnification which works great while applying makeup or inserting contact lenses. The other side will provide 1X reflection. There are 16 bright, 50,000-hour rated LEDs in the form of rings encircling both the sides of the mirror for illumination. That’s going to make a wonderful piece of accessory you could replace your existing mirrors with.