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    Dolfi – Next Gen Washing Device

    A hand-size device that cleans your clothes with the power of ultrasonic technology. Remember those great delicate pieces of fashion hopelessly ruined by machine wash? Dolfi is the next generation cleaning technology: it’s gentle on clothes, but tough on dirt…. Continue Reading


    Cat Clouds Cat Shelves from The Refined Feline

    Give your kitties a super strong metal platform to rest in air with the help of these Cat Clouds Cat Shelves from The Refined Feline. They are equipped with soft comfortable pads which are covered in faux sheepskin fabric which… Continue Reading


    Android Wear Circle Smart Watch by LG

    Be productive and keep your health intact with a proper fitness schedule using the Android Wear Circle Smart Watch by LG. The watch features a heart rate monitor and also lets you stream music wirelessly using Bluetooth. It’s compatible with… Continue Reading


    Measuring Paris Wall Sticker – A Kid’s Height Tracker in Disguise

    Designed by Emiliana Design Studio for Domestic, the Measuring Paris Wall Sticker adds an interesting visual touch to your kid’s height analyser. It displays one of the most famous monuments of the world in your kid’s room with height markers… Continue Reading


    Glow – The First Smart Headphones with Laser Light

    Glow merges state-of-the art sound technology, laser light and a heart rate sensor for an experience like no other. The first smart headphones that glow with laser light, Glow pulses brilliantly to the beat of your favorite music or to… Continue Reading


    Glow – The First Smart Headphones with Laser Light

    Glow merges state-of-the art sound technology, laser light and a heart rate sensor for an experience like no other. The first smart headphones that glow with laser light, Glow pulses brilliantly to the beat of your favorite music or to the rhythm of your heart. An intuitive 5-way controller allows you to not just control your music, but also make calls, text, and use apps with ease. Music has always been a powerful form of expression, and Glow puts you center stage. These earbuds pack specially-designed wires that diffuse light from a laser. The light pulses to the sound of your favorite tunes, so get out there and rock out in your favorite color.

    Embrace Table by Offi

    Your modern media starting from books, magazines, CDs or DVDs can have an award winning form of storage once you bring home the Embrace Table by Offi. They are a set of two low modern tables which have been embraced together so as to form a perfect magazine rack or storage unit. Even when you use them apart, they can serve as a handy laptop table, a bench or even as a desk for kids. Designer John Green ensured you get to experience the best of utility furniture without compromising on modern design. It’s ergonomic, stylish and extremely functional at the same time. What else can you expect from a table that can remold itself for serving various needs.


    Hideaway Bin by Muuto – An Ergonomic Trash Can or Laundry Basket

    Use it as a trash can or a laundry basket, the Hideaway Bin by Muuto can work as a handy device for every home. The bin bears a simple exterior look with an ergonomically designed lid. When you close the basket, the bag will be completely hidden inside with the lid covering the top in a smooth way. On the other hand, when you have the lid opened, it will hang on one side of the bin thus leaving it easy for access. A neat trash can or laundry basket that will blend with the modern decor of your home.


    Artemide Copernico Suspension Lamp

    Light up your indoor living area with this extraordinary Artemide Copernico Suspension Lamp highlighting the futuristic vision of nine concentric mobile ellipses. It’s a marvelous design by Carlotta de Bevilacqua and Paolo Dell’Elce which has been created especially for Artemide. The ellipses were created from one single piece of aluminium with the nine shapes capable of rotating independently on two different axes. The light may be producing a dazzling shine all the time but it has been designed to achieve the lowest possible energy consumption. You won’t believe but the use of LEDs have led this suspension lamp to consume a total of 38 watts only. Most importantly, it will make you feel like you were living in space.


    The UniGrip Pro Professional Universal Smartphone Mounting System

    The First Professional Universal Smartphone Mounting Bracket that Fits All Smartphones including the Galaxy Note 3 With a Protective Case. Transform your phone into a professional camera rig with The UniGrip Pro Professional Universal Mounting System. No other mount offers the durability versatility or security of the UniGrip Pro. When our competition says they are “Universal” they mean their mounts fit all phones. Not True! When we say “Universal” we mean UniGrip fits all phones with or without a protective case and transforms into a car mount, a tripod mount, a game mount, a table stand and much more with enough gripping power to physically run with your smartphone attached. UniGrip Pro Universal Smartphone Mounting System allows you to mount your smartphone to Tripods, Mono-pods, Selfie Sticks, Stabilization Packages, Light and Sound Kits. It’s even strong enough to mount small LED Screens via 1/4 20 screw inserts. Our competitors do not offer this option.


    Titanium Multi Tool

    When designing and manufacturing the titanium multi tool I decided not to polish the raw plate surface after EDM wire cutting the plate, creating a work of art, if polish titanium it easily scratches. The titanium alligator style multi tool is cut from GR 5 titanium 1/4” plate, known as Ti6Al4V that has the philips screwdriver machined with CNC, the dimensions are, 65mm long, 22mm wide and 6mm thick, the ratcheting wrench nut sizes are, 10mm 9mm 8mm 7mm 6mm 5mm 4mm and the other end is 3/8” 5/16″ 1/4″ 3/16″ 1/8” with flat screw driver on bottom end and a philips screw driver on the other end. On the end of the metric 10mm tooth it has a small hook underneath disguised into the design that becomes a bottle opener, that is suited for a heavy duty EDC tool and key ring accessory.