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    World’s first universal lens mount and rig system

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Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise Sushi Set

Who wants to have sushi like a bore? That’s why you need this Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise Sushi Set that is bound to look like a mid-warp U.S.S Enterprise NCC-1701, only on a wooden base. The latter acts as a… Continue Reading


Dual Magnetic Measuring Spoons

Store your measuring spoons easily with the help of tiny magnets. Keeping these Dual Magnetic Measuring Spoons safely stocked within your kitchen drawer or any other metal surface won’t be that difficult because of the use of tiny magnets. It’s… Continue Reading


Je t’aime Sticker

Add a modern flair to your walls. Made of vinyl and coming with an easy-to-use application tape, the Je t’aime Sticker can be a perfect addition to your walls for decoration. It’s a simple sticker which can be applied easily… Continue Reading


Okki Nokki Record Cleaning Machine

Designed for the careful cleaning of your vinyl records. With the help of the Okki Nokki Record Cleaning Machine, your old records will not wear out of dust anymore. This cleaner comes with a heavy-duty motor/turntable and vacuum system encased… Continue Reading


Keys: Modular LED Music Keyboard with Gestures

Keys is a music keyboard that lets you play and create music using LED lights and gestures. Say Hello to Keys, a new kind of music keyboard. Keys was developed with the belief that music devices should be portable, flexible… Continue Reading


Keys: Modular LED Music Keyboard with Gestures

Keys is a music keyboard that lets you play and create music using LED lights and gestures. Say Hello to Keys, a new kind of music keyboard. Keys was developed with the belief that music devices should be portable, flexible and accessible. It’s the first modular music keyboard designed to turn your audio workstation into a traveling creative studio – just pack it up and go. And, whether you’re a pro or beginner, learning, playing and creating music should be a fun, exciting and inspiring experience.

Phone Paal

Phone Paal lets you use zoom and wide lenses on your phone. Also attach your phone to selfie-sticks & tripods, microphones, lens filters, and other camera accessories. And it fits in your pocket. The new Phone PAAL will let photographers and videographers attach lenses, microphones, and other accessories to their camera-phones. Along with their camera, professional photographers also carry a large collection of lenses. They know that the proper lens is what helps capture the entire moment. The proper lens can bring the faraway action closer, or draw panoramas into view.


Shiatsu Heated Foot Massager

Get an excellent foot massage with the help of the deep-kneading rollers. By using the Shiatsu Heated Foot Massager, you’ll be able to stimulate reflexology zones of your feet. the hair compression massage will squeeze away tension and make your feet feel renewed all the time. There’s also an additional heat feature using which you’ll be able to relax feet further and make them even more receptive to massage. You can choose among the 3 auto massage programs such as Soothe, Pulse and Energize. Storing it is easy enough because of the easy grab handle. So next time you want to drive away stress, try this foot massager once.


Star Wars Millennium Falcon Chopping Board

Your cutting board is now inspired from the fastest ship in the galaxy. Try adding the Star Wars Millennium Falcon Chopping Board to your everyday kitchen life and chop your veggies with style. It has been made out of acrylic and has a quarter inch thickness. So whether it’s about preparing a special Sunday brunch or a Friday dinner for your friends, this Millennium Falcon will ensure your veggies are chopped in the fastest way possible. The product is an officially licensed Lucasfilm merchandise and is dishwasher safe too. Let the “veggies” be with you! Just like the way you want them to be.


Viper SmartStart Remote Car Starter System

Remote operating your car was never this easy. Use the Viper SmartStart Remote Car Starter System and start, lock and unlock your car remotely with the simple push of a button on your smartphone. The additional features include warming up or cooling your car. There’s also a car finder feature using which you can easily locate your car amidst a crowd of others. Most importantly, you can control multiple cars from one single app. Now feel like a star when you are able to communicate with your car directly from your smartphone.


Vino-Tini 2-in-1 Glass

Cocktail glass and wine glass in one. The best thing about the Vino-Tini 2-in-1 Glass is that it can be flipped in either direction. So you get to enjoy the beauty of a cocktail glass as well as a wine glass from one. This could actually prove to be very useful for those who often go confused between selecting a cold cocktail or wine. By having this beauty, you can now flip between choices as and when you wish to. A perfect glass that could be a great addition for your special wine celebrations.