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    Pans, Cutters, Knifes & More

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    World’s first 400mm true desktop 3D Printer

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    The Nano Drone for Beginners is a great introduction to quadcopter flight

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    A 21st Century wireless Charger for Maglite D-Cell

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    The Cellular Tracking Device

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    Titanium Cigarillo/Cigarette Pod

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    The most peculiar cigar tube design

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    Simply a beautiful, highly versatile and unique projection clock

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When CarVi is on duty, it’s watching for some of the key factors that can contribute to accidents and checking for ways to help your passengers feel comfortable and safe. Whenever a potential danger is imminent, it issues a warning… Continue Reading


Bead Bracelet Lightning Cable

On the first look this might seem like a bead bracelet alone but the Bead Bracelet Lightning Cable has a lot in store. To put in simple words, it is a bracelet you can use as a USB lightning cable… Continue Reading


Typo2 Keyboard Case for iPhone 6

Go back to the age of physical keyboards on your iPhone by protecting it with this Typo2 Keyboard Case for iPhone 6. It’s a stunning case as well as a physical keyboard for your iPhone 6 which enables smart typing… Continue Reading


Selenite Fireplace Sculpture

We all know that a fireplace literally rots in the summer and that’s exactly why your home could do with one of these Selenite Fireplace Sculptures. This is primarily used to make an empty fireplace turn into a beautiful focal… Continue Reading


Tipsy Wine Tasting Glass

The beauty of the Tipsy Wine Tasting Glass lies in its tilted appearance which is both aesthetic and highly functional at the same time. It will never distort the color of the wine and will always direct the aroma towards… Continue Reading


Tipsy Wine Tasting Glass

The beauty of the Tipsy Wine Tasting Glass lies in its tilted appearance which is both aesthetic and highly functional at the same time. It will never distort the color of the wine and will always direct the aroma towards you so that you get to taste the wine without any distractions. You can either hold it from its base or from its neck and angle it up slightly in order to swirl the liquid inside. The glass has been hand blown using molten glass on a hot furnace over 1112°F. If you believe in perfection, this glass is going to make you see it for real when it comes to wine tasting.

Steam Ship by Fred & Friends – Heavy Duty Silicone Lid

A steaming lid is a common scene in the kitchen but not with this Steam Ship by Fred & Friends. It’s a heavy duty silicone lid which comes with a ship design on top that is ideal to serve both as a microwave and stovetop lid. The beauty of this lid is in its design which will create the charming view of a steaming ship while you cook. It will eject just enough steam to prevent boiling over and thus let your vegetables and rice cook to perfection every time. Each time you cook with this lid, the scene will take you back to the ship you once travelled in.


Calliope iPad Skin by DecalGirl

Want to protect your iPad in a colorful way? This Calliope iPad Skin by DecalGirl can surely help you do so. It’s a thin yet tough skin for your iPad which keeps it well protected from scratches. The skin comes with a bubble free installation and can be easily removed without leaving behind any gooey residues. In fact, you’ll get a matching downloadable wallpaper along with this skin too. It’s available for iPad, iPad Mini and iPad Air. A perfect skin for enhancing the overall beauty of your iPad. You’ll love the geometricity in the design which has been done with a combination of beautiful colors.


iPad Mini Venus of Cupertino Dock

Inspired from the curvaceous forms of the ancient Venus figurines, the iPad Mini Venus of Cupertino Dock symbolizes the fertility goddess for the age of technology. Every piece has been handcrafted out of museum quality resin and works as an efficient docking station for your iPad. A USB cable can be fit at a number of points under the sculpture which is compatible with any kind of USB port or Apple power adapter especially for syncing or charging. The docking station comes in three colors of white, pink and light blue. An unusual dock for your iPad.


Blub Uno – A Single Retro Tube Clock

How often do you want to keep looking at a clock after it has already told you the time? Probably not often! We have time-telling products all around us, but we only tend to notice them when we need them. I wanted to create a clock which can hold its own as an object of function when you need it and beauty when you don’t. This became Blub Uno. The individual glowing numbers, housed in a glass cylinder, are a beautiful alternative to the common digital and analogue displays we’re all used to seeing. To complement the retro feel of the display, the electronics are mounted in a sleek housing machined from solid aluminium, giving it a modern aesthetic which fits in to any home or office setting. Its small size makes it ideal for small spaces, yet the large display makes it readable from anywhere in larger rooms.


Votum Watches

Votum Watches is bringing you simple yet elegant watches. Designed to be worn by any person for any occasion. Stepping away from trendy watches, this minimal design takes you back to how watches where designed many years ago, while bringing in a very modern feel. The crisp, clean design is perfect for that all-important business meeting as well as a casual Sunday. The watches themselves feature a Miyota 2035 three hand quartz movement, a crystal mineral glass, 42mm stainless steel case, all complimented by a 20mm genuine leather band. They are now available on Kickstarter at heavily discounted prices that will never be seen again. Orders yours now before the early bird specials are gone for $69 or two for only $119. These two deals are both a steal, especially when buying both watches. Easily exchange the straps to create four different color schemes and truly have a unique, never before seen timepiece. The Votum team needs your help if they want to turn their dream into a reality. They are at 21% of their needed funding goal with 28 days left. With your help, they will be able to make their goal and introduce some unique stretch goals. So head over to their project and help them kickstart their company!