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    A real-life color eyedropper tool

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    World’s first universal lens mount and rig system

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Steak Station Thermometer

Track the cooking status of four different steaks at once. By using the Steak Station Thermometer, you’ll be able to cook your steaks to perfection every time. It uses an easy to use color coated probe system which in turn… Continue Reading


Olio Smartwatch Model One Black Collection

The first batch of Model One Black watches will be limited to 500 pieces and will ship in Summer 2015. 316L Stainless, Steel Case with Black PVD Hardcoat, Brushed with hand-polished accents, Guilloché textured high-impact Ion-Exchange glass crystal and caseback,… Continue Reading


Charging Cable For Pebble Smartwatch

Your keys are always with you when you leave the house. That’s the idea behind NomadKey for Pebble smartwatch–it’s shaped like a key and fits easily on your keychain. You’ll never leave it behind, and won’t even notice you’re carrying… Continue Reading


Original Sin MacBook Decal

Relive the original sin from your very own MacBook. Coming as a true innovative design, the Original Sin MacBook Decal is a decal every design lover would want to have. It represents the original sin in such a beautiful way… Continue Reading


Canvas Armchair

Enjoy the luxurious illusion of a canvas from your everyday chair by including this Canvas Armchair in your life. It’s nothing but a canvas shaped chair that comes with the drawing of a chair. You have to lean the canvas… Continue Reading


Canvas Armchair

Enjoy the luxurious illusion of a canvas from your everyday chair by including this Canvas Armchair in your life. It’s nothing but a canvas shaped chair that comes with the drawing of a chair. You have to lean the canvas on the wall with the frame of wood covered in elastic fabric bringing the chair effect into view. The wooden frame is also printed with the texture of a canvas and comes with the drawing of a chair. What makes this design out of the box is the illusion it creates which is why it’s a luxurious piece. In case you love classy armchair designs, this one will definitely catch your attention the moment you place your eyes on it.

Impression π: Mobile VR+AR with Gesture+Position Tracking

Impression PI is a revolutionary VR headset. It is wireless, enabling unlimited movement, and incorporates 3D gesture control, position tracking, and a perfect combination of both virtual and augmented realities, to provide you the most complete and interactive VR and AR experience. At Impression Pi’s core is a computer-vision powerhouse – made possible by our specially designed sensing hardware, computing unit, and advanced algorithms. 3D gesture control: The computer-vision algorithm processes the images of hands, collects information on hand movements, and generates 3D gesture modeling. The algorithm is highly optimized to perform well on mobile platform, enabling gesture control on mobile VR devices. It’s much more convenient than traditional inputs, as the users are able to interact with VR content in a natural way, easily control UI, take phone calls and etc, without taking off the headset.


The End Print

Retrospect the vintage movie theater experience at home. The End Print is designed for those who love to live in the golden era of cartoons which always ended with this traditional “The End” sign! It’s a 15.7 x 11.8 print on a loom frame that can be used to decorate your favorite corner of the house. Preferably the movie room would be the best as this print comes with that classic cartoon nostalgia back to the 21st Century. Pixers has indeed enhanced the beauty of your home decor with a simple print that takes you back in time with a brilliant approach.



MENAGGIO wallet is made from single piece of premium vegetable-tanned leather – hand dyed, impregnated and finished. Available in black, burgundy and natural color. Fits all essential stuff in three pockets and one compartment perfect for credit card. It is sewn in only a few key points with durable waxed thread. Each piece is designed to consider leather’s natural aging process – meaning you’ll end up with a uniquely patterned worn-in piece. Dimensions: 13 cm x 9,5 cm. Handmade in Poland. Follow A MAN OF FEW WORDS on Facebook and Instagram.


Beastgrip Pro

Beastgrip Pro – the world’s first universal lens mount and rig system that works with any phone. Adjustable lens mount and spring loaded clamps ensure secure grip and perfect fit with virtually any phone on the market.


Ksafe: Stay Motivated – Achieve Your Goals

kSafe is a smart, connected, lockable safe that only opens when your goals have been achieved. kSafe is part of a research proven system that turns temptation into motivation, so you always achieve your goals. Simply place your temptation into kSafe (cookies, TV remote, iPad, etc) and set your goal through the dedicated app. kSafe won’t open until you’ve reached your goal. No overrides! Goals keep us moving, learning, and growing – and reaching them makes us stronger, more confident, and more driven. At kSafe, we want people to experience the empowering feeling of achieving your goals, on a regular basis. Research has shown that the pursuit of short-term, concrete rewards, is FAR more motivating, but it wasn’t until now that this approach could be applied in daily life. kSafe is a beautifully designed, research proven tool, that helps you achieve goals by letting you turn what you love into motivation. You can learn more about the science and research behind kSafe by scrolling to the ‘Science’ section, below.