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The Conference Mate

Pro-quality conference room speaker in a compact and portable 4”x4” package! Pair this portable speaker with your smart phone (iPhone or Andoid), tablet (iPad or other), PC, Mac, or other A2DP Bluetooth® device. Non-Bluetooth®devices can also connect, via the 3.5mm… Continue Reading


Braided Leather Cabelet

Available for micro usb conncector devices, Genuine Braided Leather Band, STAINLESS BRONZE Metal Clasp, Size Options: Small, Medium, Large (see fit guide to find your size). Weight: 1.00 LBS, Wrist Size: SMALL 5″- 6″, MEDIUM 6″- 7″, LARGE 7″- 8″


Caddy by iSkelter

Revolutionizing the world of indoor furniture, the Caddy by iSkelter works as a handy table cum docking station for your tech enriched lifestyle. It is an iSkelter original piece that will help you believe in a new kind of furniture,… Continue Reading


Tangram Sticky Notes

Step out from the boring world of square shaped sticky notes and add some versatility with these Tangram Sticky Notes on your desktop. They come in different shapes and colors which makes the idea of taking notes super fun and… Continue Reading


Dumpsty Artist Editions

Thanks to the works of Shepard Fairey, Bansky and others, street art has become a collectible art form. Now Dumpsty has teamed up with some of the most prolific street artists in America to offer a collection of hand painted… Continue Reading


Dumpsty Artist Editions

Thanks to the works of Shepard Fairey, Bansky and others, street art has become a collectible art form. Now Dumpsty has teamed up with some of the most prolific street artists in America to offer a collection of hand painted Dumpsty dumpsters. Each design comes as a signed, single-edition piece by artists including Atomiko, Robots Will Kill, ARREX, Nite Owl, Basic Lee, GOOPMASTA, and others. Dumpsty is made of recycled steel and measures 11 inches across – the prefect size for any desk, bookshelf, or gallery pedestal. Until the end of the year you can save $100 off the price of any artist edition Dumpsty with the coupon code “art$100″. Unpainted blanks are also available for $85.

Daily Grind Pepper Grinder

Gone are those days when serving pepper was nothing close to being a visual treat with the introduction of the Daily Grind Pepper Grinder. This grinder lets you serve your pepper in the same, old way but with a new twist in the way you do so. In this case, the grinder holds four scenes from characters you generally find in a restaurant – the customer, the waiter, the chef and the bartender. Only the grinder gives you the opportunity to play with the scenes in every twist you make. That calls for a whole new way to serving pepper you thought could be as interesting as it seems now. A must have for every dinner you organize at home!


One-Touch Tea Maker

Not only does this brewer automatically brew tea at five different temperature settings, but the brew strength of each pot can be adjusted between mild, medium and strong. Brew green tea, white tea, herbal tea, Oolong tea or black tea using the preset menu, which automatically adjusts water temperature for optimal steeping. Customizable brew temperature and time, and backlit LCD shows the actual temperature and “time since brew.” Glass kettle equipped with a 10-oz. removable tea basket that automatically lowers into the water then lifts out to prevent oversteeping. A magnetic brew mechanism results in a nearly silent brew cycle. Monitor brew time and temperature with the backlit LCD display. Features include Delay Start, Keep Warm and “Agitate” for loosening tea leaves and improving infusion. Doubles as a hot-water kettle. Includes dishwasher-safe tea basket and scoop.


2015 Bubble Calendar

If you truly fantasize the coolest art of popping bubbles or know a friend who does so, here’s the 2015 Bubble Calendar made just for people like you. This is a poster sized calendar that will let you pop one bubble for each day. The holidays are marked in bold so that you can pop those bubbles with a big complementary smile. It’s a simple design made in Brooklyn, USA which can be your best possession next year incase you’re in love with this deep-rooted addiction of popping bubbles. Pass each day with positivity and pop those negative bubbles away from your life forever.


Camilla CAM04 Wall Mounted Shower

Designed by Giulio Gianturco for CEA Design, the Camilla CAM04 Wall Mounted Shower is a modern age wall mounted shower you can use in your bathroom as well as outdoors. The mixer and hose being in colored silicone rubber represents the unique touch of Italian design in your bath furnishings. The shower head has a Delrin, satin finish which equally compliments the hose design and makes the entire unit stand out from the lot. You can choose to have the rubber hose in aqua green, cobalt blue, anthracite grey or white silicone rubber. This isn’t anywhere close to the standard shower units which is what makes it extremely gorgeous. Surely a must have for those you favor the thought of having a luxurious bathing unit indoors.


Catwalk Picture Hanger

Keeping your favorite pics organized on the softboard is now a kitty business once you start using the Catwalk Picture Hanger. It’s a unique kit where you’ll get an entire basket of kitten clips that will help you keep your photos organized on a line of wire. A playful design by Jorine Oosterhoff which could be the center of attraction for your office desk, showcasing all your best pics at once. The clips have kittens posing with different expressions that makes the whole hanger extremely versatile. A great way to display your favorite moments together with the help of the feline community.