The visual experience of a computer monitor is governed by the clarity of the screen, the sound emanating from the speaker, and string of flickering pixels that create movement, bringing to life the characters and projects playing behind the screen. We can enhance our viewing experience by purchasing high quality speakers for a clearer sound, or simply dim the lights while playing video games or watching Netflix. You might be asking, “What else can I do to enhance my visual experience on my computer screen?” The answer may be something much simpler than imagined.

AmbiLED HD is an open-source conversion kit for your computer monitor. The LED lights flash against the wall, matching the color on the screen and expanding it behind the monitor. The AmbiLED HD developers showcased a video demo of their product on their Kickstarter page– and dare I say it- it looks really cool.

The human eye has a very limited area of approximately 6° where objects appear clear and sharp, but our visual field is 120° wide. When you are watching a movie or playing a game you can only clearly see the spot your eyes are focused on, but you can sense the whole 120° area, including frame and background.” Basically, the image on your monitor won’t be entirely limited to your monitor screen. The stream of colors are an expansion of the visual experience.

Installation is simple. The RGB LED strip is 12mm in width and has a sticky back adhesive. Peel the backing off, carefully stick the adhesive against the edges of the back of the monitor, and cut the additional length off with scissors. It’s like lining your monitor with a long strip of tape. Finally, you can plug the USB into the provided power supply, install the software, and your AmbiLED HD is ready to project its colorful extensions behind your monitor. Watch it being installed in under five minutes!

AmbiLED HD is compatible with Windows and Linux platforms. Unfortunately, OS X users are left out of the loop with this product- at least for now. The creators encourage other developers to work with the open-source hardware and software to create something that would function well with the OS X systems.

The company’s Kickstarter has already exceeded its backing goal with 19 days left for other possible contributors to make a pledge. It’s refreshing to see a team of creators that appear passionate about, not only their product, but also the user experience. Cheers to enhancing our computer entertainment wow-factor with a little bit of sweet simplicity!