Having been encircled by the awesomeness of handheld technology, our world is literally boxed within a smartphone today. From analyzing our caffeine intakes to making new friends on social media, to live without a smartphone is a deadly cost no one wants to pay. But has this new world of digital living helped us in knowing everything about each other? With a variety of social media channels around, it’s often difficult to gather relevant information on a person at a single go. Your recent meetup with a client might have given you the hints of his software development skills but the fact that he’s a professional swimmer too, still remains unknown to you. It’s an inevitable truth that our lives mostly experience one-dimensional conversations which are always not enough to make a true connection with the ones we see around us every other day. That’s because long term connections only happen when you share experiences together.

Now, the question lies in knowing how to come across such people in your life with such a lot of scattered information spread across the web. Most probably, your golf partner could be that person you last met in an office meeting a while ago but you’re still unaware of it because the entire conversation you had with him was about the latest product release and its updates. With this latest Kickstarter venture stepping up, making social connections might just seem a bit more easy and tangible for you to live a more connected lifestyle everyday. The happiness of being in a community is something which always result in better productivity and bonded style of living. That’s the underlying cause behind Momensity – a social connection app that makes you connect with people beyond trading job titles and erases the thought of you being an island in this world.

Unveil the Possibilities of True Connections Each Day

The app is a lot more than just another social media platform. It’s more like a personal hub you create for yourself where you don’t need to undergo a rigorous search in order to find some relevant information on a fellow mate. Within a matter of seconds, Momensity gives you all the interests you share in common with your contacts enlisted for you to have a better idea as to who in your contact circle knows what. For example, if there’s a design project you’re stuck with not knowing how to progress, you may as well try asking for some volunteers from your Momensity world who are well versed in designing and might just want to give you a hand in solving the problem. As described by the team on their Kickstarter page, “The moment you make a connection in Momensity, the app goes to work, showing you what interests you and your contacts have in common — moving you beyond the small talk and helping you make real life connections with the people around you.”

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One Exchange Card Describes You and Your Interests in Totality

It’s the use of intelligent netflix-like search algorithm which gives Momensity the power to track your social, professional, personal and even commerce related data on one single profile, more specifically termed as the “Exchange Card”. By connecting with your existing social accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more, your Momensity profile is going to look more like a one-stop hub comprising of your passions, resume, skills, donations and social participations all available at a single glance. So, if you probably met someone at the jogger’s park this morning and was wondering if she has any interest in sci-fi movies, try checking her Momensity for all the information you require. The concept is highly beneficial if you look at it from an angle where you’ll be able to direct your conversation with someone after having checked his/her Momensity profile before you meet. A healthy conversation is possible only if you know or understand the person sitting on the other side of the table and Momensity is the app which can head you towards that direction anyday.

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A Whole New World of Connections To Make

The opportunities you might gather from this app is endless. That’s because Momensity connects you not only with a single person but also enables a whole new world of new connections you could make from that one individual. If you are looking for a job change in a different organization, you might as well find a useful contact on Momensity who knows someone from that same organization you wish to apply for. Apart from this, the app also gives you the choice of creating blog posts, to-do lists (for some motivation from the friend circle around), business projects or even selling and reselling items. Social shopping is the new GenY of ecommerce and to have the possibility of building your own store from one app that has all your contacts is just the best thing you could ever want. With all those variety of features around, calling this app just another social app would definitely be an understatement.

To make the most out of your connections, you need to try Momensity for once atleast. With the public release scheduled for Q4 2014, it’s time now to be a part of this new world of online community that will eventually make you build stronger connections with all those you meet each day. Because as the team behind Momensity rightly says, “Leveraging the power of community, starts within.” Happy Connecting!

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