In recent months, we’ve covered many, many Bluetooth tags here at The Gadget Flow. And why not? They are incredibly useful for keeping track of valuables, and as more tags hit the market, retail prices continue to plummet. As a result, mainstream consumer adoption of tags in the near future seems likely. But for now, the technology is still fairly new and could do with some refinement. For example, the ability to recharge the internal battery would be nice — which is exactly what new entrant, Tintag, is offering wirelessly.

Tintag attached to keys

As with other devices in the current generation of wireless power, the Tintag comes with a base station, on which you park a tag to refill the battery. It seems extraordinary to me that this is the first Bluetooth tag to have a rechargable battery, but team Tintag have introduced the technology in style — a six-hour charging session will keep this tag powered for four months.

In everyday usage terms, the Tintag is a fairly run-of-the-mill tag. Via the free sister-app (iOS and Android), you are alerted when it — and whatever it is attached to — is being left behind, out of Bluetooth range.  Each Tintag has a LED light and a vibrate function to help you locate the missing item (or your phone) when you go looking for it, and the charging station acts as a kind of booster, extending the distance from which you can track down a tag. Each tag works with multiple phones, too.

Tintag attached to bag

Like most of the best new hardware nowadays, Tintag is a crowdfunded product, and it has already blitzed past its $50k goal on IndieGoGo. It’s not difficult to see why. Quite apart from that charging ability, the tag is waterproof, and backers can secure one tag plus a wireless charging pad for $19, or a ten-pack for $105 (ships April 2015). In other words, it looks a seriously affordable way of securing your stuff.

You can find out more via Tintag’s website, or see it in action below.