Are you still taking notes by hand? How much of your lessons, classes, and meetings do you miss while trying to write quickly? And, it’s only worse when you try to refer to your notes and realize you can’t decipher a thing. Good news: the Titan Note is here to transform your life. This intelligent device:
– takes notes for you
– organizes all of your important notes
– uses an app for your convenience

It really takes notes for you

The beauty of the Titan Note lies in its simplicity. The puck-like all-black design sits discreetly on your desk or table. Tap the button and it gets to work. Titan Note is able to record everything with ease. Amazingly, it also converts the recordings into superbly accurate text. With this smart device, you can sit back and absorb all of the content around you in real-time knowing you can review it all later.

takes notes for you

Not just a transcription device

Whether you’re a student of a 9-to-5-er, Titan Note simplifies your life. But, it goes beyond voice-to-text capability. The intelligent device can also distinguish between speakers. This helps to organize your notes even more. Additionally, the Titan Note app helps to summarize, organize, and even edit the notes. Finally, and most incredibly, Titan Note can even translate the notes into other languages. Transporting and sharing the notes with ease, Titan Note has a battery life of up to 55 hours.

takes notes for you

Above and beyond

Life isn’t all about notes and neither is Titan Note. The water-resistant device also functions as a speaker so you can listen tot your music. Super convenient, Titan Note also allows you to top up the battery of your smartphone or tablet with the USB port. The 3800 mAh battery pack has enough power to fully charge two smartphones.

takes notes for you

What we ❤️️

The Titan Note streamlines the note-taking process and allows you to stay in the moment. What’s not to love!

Future innovation

This device truly does it all and we can’t fault it. If only it took tests for us, too…


Indiegogo: until April 5th
– Pledge: $75 – Gadget Flow members get $5 off!
– Delivery: September 2017