Are you Selling all the products directly?

No, all of our items are being sold through Amazon, The Fancy, Quirky and other Affiliate Programs.

How old is The Gadget Flow?

We’ve launched our website August 15th 2012.

I want to feature and promote my items on The Gadget Flow

If you click here you can choose your package and submit them for a small fee, if we approve your items we ll publish them within 12 hours after we receive the payment.

Where will you promote my items if I submit them?

We have many popular social media accounts with hundreds of thousands of followers and fans, therefore if your items get approved, except from posting them on our website we will also promote them to guarantee you maximum exposure.

Do you guys ship worldwide?

It depends, around 60% of our items come from the American Amazon therefore its up to the seller if he/she ships worldwide but we also have hundreds of items from the European Amazon which is exactly the same situation like the American.

Your Gadgets are truly awesome, can I become a reseller?

Unfortunately no because we dont sell the items directly.

I have ordered one of your items found on The Gadget Flow but I never got it/its broken.

We are not responsible for any kind of shipping issues since we are not selling the items directly.

Do you guys showcase replica items?

No, we do not promote nor showcase replica items, instead before each of our gadgets goes live it goes through quality process from our editors.

I want to advertise on your website, could you share some stats?

Sure, we have about 1.3 million visitors on a monthly basis, 2500 newsletter subscribers, 3100 RSS subscribers, 19.000 Twitter Followers, 3500 Pinterest Followers and finally almost 10.000 Facebook Fans. If you are interested for banner advertising you can check our BuySellAds profile for more information. If you want to advertise and promote your items through our social networks please contact us.