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Siconi Animal Stick Pads

Organize your notes and memos on any non-porous surface across the house with these adorable Siconi Animal Stick Pads. They act as double-sided adhesives which come in a pack having 3 pigs, 4 birds, and 3 cats shaped stick pads… Continue Reading


Sigma dp2 Quattro Camera

By combining the 29MP Foveon X3 Direct Image Sensor with the TRUE III image processing engine, the Sigma dp2 Quattro Camera is capable of bringing high-quality images for you. It requires no interpolation and uses layers of pixels to capture… Continue Reading


Chalk Board Mug

Coming with a set of two chalks for the artist in you, the Chalk Board Mug is just the right device you’d need to sip your coffee as well as chalk your ideas at one time. It’s both ambidextrous and… Continue Reading


Royal Printed Cat Teepee

Let your feline friend have the best camping experience indoors with this especially handcrafted Royal Printed Cat Teepee from California. It comprises five wooden sticks to form the base with a cotton canvas build having a large hole at one… Continue Reading


[BRIC+]xtreme Aluminum Case for iPhone 6/6Plus

All New [BRIC+]xtreme™ is the best protective Aluminum bumper case for iPhone 6/6 Plus. With it, your beloved iPhone will be well displayed and protected. NO Bending / NO Crashing / NO Shattering / NO Signal Loss.


Eight Speaker for iPhone 5/5s

A numeric extravaganza will be unveiled once you pair your iPhones with this exquisite Eight Speaker for iPhone 5/5s. Carved out of sustainably-harvested walnut wood, this speaker draws its inspiration from the classic numeric digit “8” that looks highly admirable… Continue Reading


Notebook By Hard Graft

Our über premium vegetable tanned Italian leather is hand-stained hide by hide. Skilled workmen apply natural colouring made from tree bark, etc. by hand onto the leather. This traditional technique needs a lot of time but ensures an amazing quality…


The Machine Era Wallet

When we set out to design a modern wallet, we wanted something that was simple, functional, and felt good to handle. Not being satisfied with what’s out there, we decided to rethink how we carry our important everyday objects. After… Continue Reading


Handy Wind-Up Shredder

Enhance your paper cutting experience to a large extent with this innovative and useful Handy Wind-Up Shredder. It’s nothing but a simple paper shredding device which can have your paper rolls shred in equally aligned pieces in no time. Especially… Continue Reading


Indoor Bicycle Cover Velo Sock

Keep your bicycle safely stored indoors without bringing the dirt and grime inside by covering it up with this Indoor Bicycle Cover Velo Sock. It’s what you can use to keep your floors clean from sand, mud and debris brought… Continue Reading