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    Tonino Lamborghini Mobile Phone

    The look of the speakers covered with metal mesh clearly refers to the ultra-modern design of sports cars sport automotive industry, bright personality, and huge capabilities hidden in a compact body. The stainless steel and leather, processed by hand, emphasize… Continue Reading


    iPad Air Book Case by Happy Plugs

    Enjoy the beauty of Swedish simplicity in your everyday tech style with the iPad Air Book Case by Happy Plugs. This is indeed a simple design that compliments the slim texture of your iPad with a touch of luxury. Pure… Continue Reading


    Frien’Zoo Stool

    Bring the pasture indoors and give your kids a chance to ride their favorite farm animals with this  Frien’Zoo Stool. Soft materials and removable walnut wood legs go behind the designs which can work as a great playmate in your… Continue Reading


    Coronata Star Decal Pack by WallsNeedLove

    Your home interiors can now be a starry lit sky with the Coronata Star Decal Pack by WallsNeedLove. Every pack has 28 star decals which when arranged on the wall can make it look like a beautiful wallpaper. These are… Continue Reading


    Glow – The First Smart Headphones with Laser Light

    Glow merges state-of-the art sound technology, laser light and a heart rate sensor for an experience like no other. The first smart headphones that glow with laser light, Glow pulses brilliantly to the beat of your favorite music or to… Continue Reading


    PEQ Smart Home Sensor System

    Control the entire functionality of your home directly from your phone or tablet with the PEQ Smart Home Sensor System. The starter kit includes the PEQ hub considered as the brain of the system and an additional component to be… Continue Reading


    Cozy Cave Pet Bed

    If your pet has always been upto burrowing himself under your blanket, the Cozy Cave Pet Bed is what you can gift him next. This is an ideal luxury bed for your furry friends to stay cosy and warm during those… Continue Reading


    Phrena Pendant Light

    What makes the Phrena Pendant Light adorable is the fact that it can be manipulated from a flat light fixture to a 3D shade. It’s a marvelous design from Artecnicas that has been inspired from the ‘simplicity of opening a… Continue Reading


    Kidokey – Safe Wifi For Kids

    Make parenting in the digital age easier with Kidokey. Kidokey is a wi-fi box that empowers kids to explore the Internet safely and without distraction. Kidokey plugs right into the home router and it creates a second wi-fi network for… Continue Reading


    Electronic Pet Door

    Give your pets a taste of technology by updating your existing pet door with this Electronic Pet Door. The set comprises a sliding patio door frame with an ultrasonic collar that needs to be worn by your dog in order… Continue Reading