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Silicone Wine Glasses by CUSAN

Whether you are holding a small outdoor party, camping or just hosting some friends and family, wine is the one thing that you almost always need to have. However, sometimes wine glasses can get pretty messy, especially if the party… Continue Reading


Noble Timepieces – Sunburst Series

Exclusive serialized timepieces inspired by modern architecture and urban street culture. The case is made of surgical grade 316L stainless steel, the lens is sapphire crystal, the movement is a Swiss Made quartz by Ronda and the strap is soft… Continue Reading


World’s First Hangable Kid Cup – PhillUp by Puj

The world’s first hangable kid cup. No more dirty cup pile-ups! And kids can help themselves too! We were tired of the dirty cups that accumulated throughout the day with little ones. As designers, we knew we could do better…. Continue Reading



GYMWATCH has developed a patented sensor to measure strength and motion across fitness exercises, including machines, free weights and bodyweight. The sensor records the full range of motion of an exercise, determines every strength component, all repetitions and detects incorrect… Continue Reading


Back to the Future iPhone Case

You’ve seen this fictional automobile a number of times in the Back to the Future trilogy but now you can have the same as your iPhone case too. Though it might seem ridiculous for some who can’t take an iPhone… Continue Reading


Flip Band

Wearing a FLIP BAND makes it impossible to forget your goals and boosts your chances of success (using a simple science-backed hack). The FLIP BAND is more powerful than you think. It takes advantage of several aspects of human psychology… Continue Reading


Looksee Bracelet

looksee fashion labs presents the next generation of fashion and technology by merging convenience and customizable features with an always-on display built into modern accessories. Change images by the second, hour or day. Use your phone’s camera to personalize your… Continue Reading


California Home State Glasses

If you’re from California trying to organize a wine party with fellow Californians onboard, there’s no better way to celebrate than with these California Home State Glasses. They are a set of four 14 oz. glasses which are pretty handy… Continue Reading


5-Piece Watch Case

Showcase the best of your wristwatch possessions under one roof on this 5-Piece Watch Case. It’s made of black leather with plush interiors of fabric having every compartment separated with a removable cushion. The see-through top will enable you to… Continue Reading


Bell & Ross BR01 Casino Watch

If you’re into casinos and love the mechanical watch movement, this Bell & Ross BR01 Casino Watch could be the next entry in your wristwatch collection. It has an 18k pink gold & steel case with black PVD finish. The… Continue Reading