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iPad Air Folio Case

When we start thinking about our iPad Air Folio Case we wanted to design something that would guarantee an all-over protection, an easy way to access to the iPad’s screen without the necessity to remove the tablet from the case… Continue Reading


Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 Pro

A newer version of the Lenovo Yoga series, the Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 Pro could be the next best entertainer you can have from the world of gadgetry. This is because the tablet boasts a built-in projector that can turn… Continue Reading


Earity – The First Voice Controlled Earbud

Leave your bulky headphones behind and enjoy Incredible Sound and Distracted-Free Conversations. The Earity technology was created in an effort to reduce the number of traffic accidents and fatalities caused by cell phone use while driving. At any given time… Continue Reading


Eton Road Torq Roadside Emergency Spotlight

Make those car emergencies you face on the highway in the wee hours of darkness easy to handle with this Eton Road Torq Roadside Emergency Spotlight. Whether you ran out of gas or face a punctured tyre, the emergency spotlight… Continue Reading


Whatever, I’m Late Anyway™ Watch

Impress your friends with the coolest watch of the moment! Be unique and demonstrate to your friends why time is not a problem for you. The MOST WANTED watch in USA and Europe is available for the best price online…. Continue Reading


Chemex Glass Coffeemaker

Extract the richness of caffeine in your everyday brewed coffee with this unique and versatile Chemex Glass Coffeemaker. It can prepare 3 hot cups of coffee at once considering 5 oz as 1 cup. The glass setup is visually elegant… Continue Reading


Macbook Sleeve Backpack

We studied and designed it to perfectly fit your 15’’ MacBook Pro retina, leaving space for an iPad, a magazine, a moleskine or A4 documents. In the front removable pocket you have a specific space for the charger or more… Continue Reading



GeckoEye is a small (45 mm), stylish, highly-protected and convenient device with durable aluminum or polycarbonate casing. It is a round camera powered by solar panels that is fit to be mounted anywhere due to its special mounting features. GeckoEye… Continue Reading


Decadent Minimalist DM1 Wallet

The DM1 Wallet is a truly minimalist design – it’s a single piece of aircraft grade aluminum, cut into the ideal shape to positively retain up to 8 identification or credit cards. The design eliminates any unnecessary parts, but securely… Continue Reading


LED Word Clock

Enough with the clock hands and digital displays – Now it’s the age to read time like you read books on this latest introduction from the world of wall clocks called LED Word Clock. Just like the name sounds, this… Continue Reading