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    Preserve your iPhone/iPad Lightning cable before it breaks completely

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    Simply a beautiful, highly versatile and unique projection clock

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Aurora Task Lamp

The Aurora Task lamp is an adjustable LED task lamp and wall sconce that combines upcycled wine barrel staves with color changing LEDs simulating an Aurora effect. The task lamp also transforms to a wall sconce with two attachment points… Continue Reading


iPhone 6 Case HIKE by HANDWERS

If you can’t stand seeing out-of-place things near your device and want to retain its original look, then this protective case has been made especially for your iPhone. Warm and nice to the touch leather surface on the outside and… Continue Reading


Miiya: Connected Smartwatch To Get Kids Active

The World Health Organisation recommends 60 minutes of physical activity for children to help their development. When you ask kids what they did during the day, usually their best answer is “I don’t know” or “I don’t remember”. On Miiya’s… Continue Reading


HOKU – The LED Lamp that brings Natural Light to your Desk

Hoku is the first table lamp that simply works and perfectly recreates the natural light without adjustment or tricky setup. Hoku is the newborn of the minimalistic Made in Italy design, with sophisticated curves, LED light, 3 different colours available… Continue Reading


Griffin Emblem – Automatic Watches

Griffin Emblem brings automatic watches on another level. Our watches are high quality and this is our second collection. The first one was a success and our second collection was funded at 100% in less than 24h and at 500%… Continue Reading


Arki: Your Walking Coach

A wearable band that analyzes your walking posture and helps to walk healthy, provides your body balance & tracks your daily activities. But people just simply forget how important the proper walking habit is. Arki is a gentle coach that… Continue Reading


Yummy Donut Bean Bag by Woouf

Use it as a simple bean bag for your pets or as a sturdy foot rest, the Yummy Donut Bean Bag by Woouf does look delicious from every angle you see. It’s built out of a water repellent canvas  with… Continue Reading


Glow in the Dark Star Decals

Bring the ethereal beauty of the stars directly to your bedrooms with these adorable Glow in the Dark Star Decals. They don’t require any additional glue or adhesive for sticking on the wall and can create a charming starry night… Continue Reading


Woolly Pocket Wall Planter

If you’re really looking forward to creating your own organic kitchen herb garden indoors, the Woolly Pocket Wall Planter is what you could do with. It’s made out of 100% recycled plastic water bottles and is a brilliant approach to… Continue Reading


Pupose Plates by Andrea Rekalidis

Communicating while you gulp down tasty munch-ons is going to be much easy with these Pupose Plates by Andrea Rekalidis. They are a set of plates with this interesting catchline of cute sayings on the side that can be matched… Continue Reading