Aivvy Q: Smart Headphones Caches Personalized Music For You

$299 USD
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High-end headphones, a streaming app and personalized streaming music all in one magic device: Aivvy Q. We believe everyone should have access to a world of music without compromise on sound quality at an affordable price. A new generation of music device that can directly interact with the cloud. Like streaming music, but without needing to be connected to the Internet. An independent music player in a pair of headphones. Plays music instantly when you put it on. Learns your musical preferences with our Music Cortex technology. Selects and caches new songs for you from the Aivvy cloud when charging. Right now, it’s hard to achieve the music listening experience we want. We spend too much time and effort: managing music downloads, making a new playlist for every occasion, charging our devices, searching for wifi networks, financing streaming data plans.

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