AQUA – World’s Lightest Headphone Amplifier, Battery-free

$59 USD
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Your listening experience reinvented. Live concerts on the go. Powerful. Featherlight. Stylish. And battery-free! Is listening to music with your phone an everyday thing for you? If so, are you happy with the sound quality? Actually, high sound quality is readily achievable. You don’t need any loudspeaker or stereo set, but an AQUA. Let AQUA fulfill your heart’s desire for studio-quality music anytime, anywhere. Whatever you’re doing, jogging, on your way to work, or just chillaxing, enjoy an exquisite listening experience with AQUA! Listening to music has become an indispensable part of life. Never is there a shortage of people saving up to buy pricy headphones, just to enjoy clarity and high quality music. The price of those high-end headphones, however, isn’t usually friendly or readily affordable. Do I have to spend so much money to enjoy quality music?

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