ARbot – Augmented Reality At It’s Very Best

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Augmented reality knocks at our doors! With the help of ARbot and special ARtank App you can plunge into augmented reality, making real tank battles in your office, at home, or anywhere you want! What exactly is augmented reality? It is actually very simple. Imagine you point a smartphone or tablet pc camera at an object and see not only the object itself, but also all information about it on the screen of your device. You can also add some real-time effects that change the look of that object beyond recognition. For example, you point the camera of the smartphone on the ruins of the ancient castle, and the screen at once displays when the castle was built, who lived there, what happened to it, etc. And then, with the aid of an App these ruins are magically transformed into a new building, taking you several centuries back and giving you the possibility of getting insight into the Middle Ages. This is exactly what we call augmented reality, and ARbot and ARtank give us access to it.

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