Cool Gadgets

Here you’ll find gadgets that will make you say “Wow”

Lumu Light Meter


Electronics Screen Cleaner by Mobile Clean & Go


The Tiny Instagram Projector by Projecteo


Bushnell SolarWrap Mini USB Charger


Focusrite iTrack Professional Dock for Recording on iPad


Corners4 for iPhone 4/4s 5/5s


Oreflector Safety Badge


Video – security & Home Control System


Headrest Tablet Holder by iPADKET


B-Side Cassette Bamboo iPhone 5/5s Case by Johnny Fly


Wide Angle and Fisheye Lens by Henley Brands


Case with Sheet of Newspaper for iPhone 5/5s by Kate Spade


Mitamanma Megane HD Camera Glasses


Port Solar Charger


Sling Shot by Base Camp X


Pickmaster Plectrum Punch v2.0