Ciclotte Carbon Fiber Exercise Bicycle

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The Ciclotte Carbon Fiber Exercise Bicycle created by famed Italian designer Luca Schieppati is a perfect symbol for what people using it are aiming for. To be specific, it’s a sleek and compact machine with no extra flab that combines killer functionality with a pleasing visual appeal. All you need in an exercise bicycle is a wheel with pedals, a seat and handlebars to hold on. That’s exactly what the Ciclotte has – a circle grounded on a skateboard-like base, pedals, a small column with a seat to park your tushy, and a couple of horns instead of handlebar grips. Grab the weight-loss bull by the horns and start pedaling on the Ciclotte. When you’re not using it, the Ciclotte’s unique form and fluid lines make it good enough to be a part of the décor.


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