Digital Paper from Sony

$1100 USD
Digital Paper from Sony

Digital Paper from Sony is the next generation of tablets that is incredibly lightweight and thin with a 13.3” touch screen that’s an electronic paper. It allows you to use a stylus and scribble and doodle on your documents, or create new “handwritten” notes, add pointers, underline stuff and share or pass notes in class or at work to co-workers. It’s the new version of a paperless office and a life free of books, files and post-its and yellow pads. The screen reflects ambient light, so the display is just as visible both indoors and outdoors. The Digital Paper has built-in Wi-Fi and storage space for up to 2,800 pdf files of 1MB each, plus an SD card slot for additional memory. The battery allows you uninterrupted use for up to three hours on a single charge.


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  1. psnsilva says:

    “Sony’s rechargeable thinlithium-ion battery – up to three weeks’ use on a single charge.”, not 3 hours (it would be nothing).

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