Earphone Tidy By Breffo

$8 USD
Earphone Tidy By Breffo

Breffo Earphone Tidy allows easy storage of unsightly or lengthy earphone cables. Simply wrap earphone cable around the body of the tidy and secure in place either end via the non slip hole grip. The Breffo Earphone Tidy is made entirely of our advanced soft touch rubber, which allows for secure tactile grip and feel. The Breffo Earphone Tidy is perfect for keeping lengthy and unyielding cables short and controlled while enjoying any activity be it cycling, jogging walking or any other sports activities. The Earphone Tidy is also ideal for travel and commuting and managing cables in your bag or pocket. Keep it wrapped and avoid any more tangles!Never get those cables tangled in your bag or bike handlebars again!


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