Hard Drive iPhone Case

$15 USD
Hard Drive iPhone Case

Technology is moving at the speed of light and we love our fancy-schmancy newfangled gadgets. With all the new Smart RAM and Cloud storage out there, sometimes it’s fun to bathe in the glow of a simpler time. Give your iPhone a warm, cozy feel by snuggling it into our Re/Cover Hard Drive iPhone Case! It’ll look just like you’re holding a hard drive up to your head… people might wonder.Remember back in the day when you had to make room for a new program to be installed? Now you can get high-tech protection with retro style!Snaps easily into your iPhone 4G/4S. Sorry guys, phone not included – dang!

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3 Responses to “Hard Drive iPhone Case”

  1. Than Ball says:

    Is there an iPhone 5 version anywhere?

  2. Sasha says:

    Do you have iPod 5 version too?

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