Hevo Home Evolution

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Hevo! The true Smart Home controller. How many of you have an alarm system but forget to arm it before leaving the house? Hevo can detect intruders EVEN if your alarm is not armed. You have an alarm system and would like to add smart home features like controlling your lights or locking your door with the press of a button. With Hevo, you can keep your current alarm system and add new age technologies. Control your existing alarm system with your smart phone and/or create a scene that would involve your existing alarm system. HEVO has the capability to connect directly to the BUS (communication system) of your current alarm system. This allows HEVO to be aware of any possible threats. Most alarm system owners think that having an central alarm connection is imperative, what they don’t know is that the alarm system relies on a single wire that is accessible outside your home. In the event, that the wire is cut or dysfunctional, HEVO with PATROL is still protecting your household.

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