i-Blades – The World’s Most Intelligent Smartcase

$49 USD
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Boost your smartphone’s performance with i-Blades, the world’s most intelligent smartcase. Protecting your phone with a hard shell, this case is equipped with attachable Smartblades to upgrade the features of your phone that you use the most. Smartblades easily snap into place with extra strong magnets right on the back of the case. You can choose to get up to 10 times the battery life, up to 1 TB of extra storage, or fill the Smartblade with your favorite content to watch and listen on the go. Inside the case is micro-processing technology that identifies the Smartblade and uses it accordingly. Even with the added features, the i-Blades case remains totally sleek and adds minimal weight and bulk. The placement of the Smartblades was chosen to enhance your natural grip. The i-Blades Smartcase is a revolutionary phone upgrade system.

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