Ice Block Lamp – Made of Handmade Clear Glass

$89 USD
Ice Block Lamp – Made of Handmade Clear Glass

Block Lamp is made of handmade clear glass, which is finished in a complex cooling process and gives the lamp its typical illusory impression of a ice block. The two glass halfs enclose the illuminant (E 12 – 230V/15 W) and cater for a harmonic lighting on the table or as floor lamp in hallway or living room. Optional a wall mounting out of painted iron for the Block Lamp, with which the lamp becomes a unique wall lamp, can be ordered. Designer Koskinen plays with contrasts and the archetypes of modern society by placing a smaller bulb within a block of glass with a larger bulb shape, producing a happy conflict of visual suggestion and actual design. From the moment of its inception in 1996, Harri Koskinen’s Design House Stockholm Block Lamp has become a design classic–a sensation of ice and light, heat and chill. Definitely one for the collection.


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The ice block illusion works wonders here

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