Ksafe: Stay Motivated – Achieve Your Goals

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kSafe is a smart, connected, lockable safe that only opens when your goals have been achieved. kSafe is part of a research proven system that turns temptation into motivation, so you always achieve your goals. Simply place your temptation into kSafe (cookies, TV remote, iPad, etc) and set your goal through the dedicated app. kSafe won’t open until you’ve reached your goal. No overrides! Goals keep us moving, learning, and growing – and reaching them makes us stronger, more confident, and more driven. At kSafe, we want people to experience the empowering feeling of achieving your goals, on a regular basis. Research has shown that the pursuit of short-term, concrete rewards, is FAR more motivating, but it wasn’t until now that this approach could be applied in daily life. kSafe is a beautifully designed, research proven tool, that helps you achieve goals by letting you turn what you love into motivation. You can learn more about the science and research behind kSafe by scrolling to the ‘Science’ section, below.

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