Leaf Cable Tie by Tsunho Wang

$10 USD
Leaf Cable Tie by Tsunho Wang

The Leaf Cable Tie created by Tsunho Wang is a wonderful way to bring nature back into your life. Every time you buy some new gadget or gizmo, it comes with its own set of cables and cable ties. Pretty soon, you’re drowning in cable ties which you can’t get rid of because it would leave a mess of cables and wires.  There’s very little room for nature in this kind of life that’s dependent on so much electronics.  By using the leaf cable ties, you will at least create the illusion of a green outdoor environment while you’re still parked on the couch surrounded by cables snaking their way in and out of the television, music system, DVD player, computers, smartphones and lights. In short, the Leaf Cable Tie brings you the best of both nature and the comforts of modernity.


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