Life Untangled

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Put an end to tangled extension cords, holiday lights, ropes, earbuds and more with this elegantly simple solution. Introducing the end of tangled cords, knotted ropes, kinked holiday lights, snarled headphones, cables – and darn near anything else you can think of. The Cord Master keeps them all perfectly wound for easier storage, longer life, and easy 100% tangle-free release. Patented. Easy to use. Extremely effective. And made to contractor grade specs so it’ll last a long, long time. In an instant, your life is unquestionably simplified. At least this part of it. Before inventing The Cord Master, we spent years trying everything out there. The coils. The forky things. And then we’d end up winding our cords, ropes, and lights on our arms – which just ends up creating memory and re-tangling the cords. We thought, what if we could stack them in a figure-eight like sailors do on a boat cleat? And then what if you could easily store it that way? Then we realized that if you could take that device and slide it out of the mix, everything we just wound would come apart completely tangle-free. You don’t even have to unwind the cord, rope or cable. It’s INSTANTLY tangle-free. Boom! That’s why we created The Cord Master.

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