Me-PEN – Stylus Memory for All Modern Apple Devices

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The more you use smartphones, the more you crave for more memory. Just to make sure your digital creativity doesn’t get limited to shorter storage space. what you need is a Me-PEN. Time to be creative and more productive. You can also use the Me-PEN as a quick interchangeable pen module (Stylus OR Ballpoint Pen) which even includes a highly sensitive capacitive stylus nib. The stylus comes with a high strength machined aluminum memory housing and tip as well as a barrel option for machined aluminum or electro-conductive plastic. The Me-PEN helps you create and keep your artistic works—all without affecting your phone or tablet’s limited memory space. Using intelligent integration, the Me-PEN is a stylus and a memory drive happily rolled into one. It’s all form. It’s all function. It’s the best of both worlds. It’s sleek, sharp, and stylish—you might even say it’s a stylish stylus! But that’s not all—it’s also a state-of-the-art storage device that ensures your data is saved and protected immediately by flash memory. Best of all, the Me-PEN Stylus Memory is easy to use and useful in everyday life. Oh, and it’s available in several attractive color and material combinations!

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