MyDrone Auto-Follow Drone

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Stay connected to your device with the MyDrone Auto-Follow Drone. As the name suggests, this drone will go where you go to capture the action. Along with the powerful built-in camera, the MyDrone as multiple flight modes to stay in contact. A simple follow means it will trail behind you. Orbit will continue to circle overhead for a full view of the action. Hover and aim allows it to rotate with the target. In addition, other modes include fine tuning the angle and zone of the drone. The MyDrone Auto-Follow Drone can handle the elements like a pro. It can even withstand wind up to 18m/s and temperatures as low as -25C. All the while, the 4K action camera captures scene after scene. The MyDrone can be controlled with the app, included sports watch, or the controller. The controller also has a mount for your smartphone for FPV.

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