Opter – an Interconnected Ecosystem of Health Trackers

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Imagine if all your health info could finally come together. Opter Pose is a beautiful necklace that tracks posture, exercise, steps, and light/UV exposure throughout the day. Opter Sleep is a sleep tracker knows when you enter the room and go to bed, and then automatically wakes you up at the ideal time based on your schedule. As soon as you get up, you’re reminded to drink a cup of water. Opter Sip, your fashionable smart water bottle, automatically logs it. Then your toothbrush logs how long you brush for. You go for a morning run and try to stay in the shade because you didn’t wear sunscreen. After 15 minutes, your phone tells you that you’ve gotten more than the recommended amount of UV already — that shade wasn’t very effective… Opter products pair to smartphones with bluetooth and can automatically sync. Innovative low-power electronics keep you from having to recharge every day. And that’s just the beginning. The Opter Ecosystem will be released Fall 2016.

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