PocoCam – The Revolutionary Pocket Camera

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PocoCam is the world’s first body camera specifically designed to be unobtrusive to the consumer and secretly record footage from your shirt pocket. The compact design ensures to put all the amazing features in one single form factor devoid of cables and unnecessary wiring. You can simply record your desired footage and when you want to transfer the video to your computer, just uncap the bottom and plug it straight in. To charge the PocoCam, you have to connect it with any USB power source like your laptop or computer, or even USB wall sockets. You will also be provided with a female-to-male USB extension cable for convenience which will allow you to charge it wherever you want. PocoCam weighs just 32 grams that makes the device highly portable. It also comes with a 5-6 hour battery life and around 2.5 hour charging time, all at a price which is pretty affordable for your everyday life.

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