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Reincarnate created a patented six-wheeled skateboard that is designed with snowboarding characteristics. It is a blend of the two worlds that gives a sense of freedom to ride a snowboard on the pavement with skateboarding maneuvers. Reincarnate trucks have a total of six wheels, where four wheels are edge wheels that are mounted on the hangers as well as an extra wheel on each truck mounted underneath and in the center of the deck. The extra two wheels are caster wheels which can rotate 360º. The combination of the edge wheels and the caster wheels allow riders to both carve and slide in a manner that resembles snowboarding. The caster wheel offsets in the direction opposite to the weighted edge, giving riders the option to not use any type of bindings. We are currently running our Kickstarter campaign, in which the design is still in the prototype phase. We pushed our delivery dates back to early next year to allow for more time to fine tune our product.

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