The Respot – New Perspective On Tracking Devices

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The Smallest. The Easiest. The RESPOT. The RESPOT project is the new view to the world of tracking devices. We have tried to look at the problem of losing stuff from the different side. Why you have to track lost things, if you can never forget them! That’s why we developed the first smallest and easiest REMINDING device. RESPOT is a tiny gadget that protects you from losing stuff. It’s your personal reminding device. With The RESPOT you will NEVER FORGET your important stuff again. After attaching RESPOT to all your important things such as your wallet, keys, laptop or pets and whatever, and pairing it with the RESPOT application, you can always feel secure that everything is where it should be – with you. Usage variability : pets, children, wallet, home & car keys, charger, tablet, laptop, bag, passport and many other of your most important things

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