Soap Seat by Krevare

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SOAPSEAT is the only draining soap dish that adapts to its environment. Not only does it take on the look and blend with its surroundings, it adjusts to sit on flat or uneven surfaces like a raised rim sink, the edge of a tub, or a shower shelf or bench. SOAPSEAT never fills with water so it keeps your soap from getting soft and gross. This increases the soap’s useful life and saves you money. Its removable dishwasher safe top tray makes cleaning a breeze. Even use a spare tray while the other is being cleaned. Say goodbye to the build-up of bacteria and germs. The feet are made from soft silicone to aid in grip and to protect expensive surfaces. No more rust stains! High Design – No more soggy soap. No ugly soap savers. Adapts to your shower, tub, or sink! Highest quality. No expense spared.

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