Sona Connected Bracelet by Caeden

$149 USD
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Relieve some stress in your day with the Sona Connected Bracelet by Caeden. Designed for the busy professional, this bracelet isn’t just smart by staying connected but it truly intelligent. Rather than track just your heart rate, the Sona Connected Bracelet measures your heart rate variability, the gaps between your heartbeats. With this data, the bracelet syncs your heart rate to a sine wave pattern. This results in a meditative experience allowing you to shed some stress and relax. To achieve this, the heart rate monitor is actually ten times more accurate than others on the market. Coming in an ultra sleek black leather band, the device itself is available in gold, rose gold, and black to stay in line with your fashion sense over time. Take some time to relax with the Sona Connected Bracelet by Caeden.

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