The Dark Knight Bookshelves

$267 USD
The Dark Knight Bookshelves

Bring the Nolanverse to your living room with a set of Dark Knight bookshelves. Made to order. Just beam your Bat-Signal into the sky and designer Fahmi Sani will get to work erecting a set of webbed-winged night stalkers to hold your most precious literary masterpieces and Batman action figures. I like the book selections in the photo. I see some Vonnegut. Some Yann Martel. Hunger Games box set? Eh. Oh, but there’s Fight Club-famed Chuck Palahniuk. Chucky P is the almost man. “Almost” because the beginnings and middles of his novels lure you in with their mind-blowing creativity and commentary–seriously, a few of his quotes have greatly impacted my life–but his endings always kind of suck.

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  1. Marcelo Henrique says:

    Send to Brazil?

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