The UnCase for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus by Con Carne

$25 USD
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Forget plastic cases! Show off your iPhone with our tactile, minimalist, leather UnCase. The UnCase is unique self-adhering leather backing for your iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. It was designed and manufactured by Con Carne a collective of three guys. We are dedicated to bringing minimal augmentation to Apple products to improve haptics without encasing Apple’s awesome design. The UnCase is sleek, minimal and adds a warm, secure grip rarely associated with luxury electronics. With UnCase the iPhone becomes easier to hold – more substantial in the hand while keeping the iPhones industrial design at the forefront. It effortlessly adheres to the iPhone is easy to apply, easy to remove again as needed. UnCase protects the iPhone’s aluminum back and camera lens with a considered design that recesses the leather from the sides of the iPhone – providing more edges, texture, and grip for hands of all sizes. Our leather makes the iPhone appear to float when resting on a flat surface, and as a result is easier to pick up. We love the way UnCase’s leather feels and adapts to the iPhone. Whether taking your iPhone out of your pocket, purse, or courier bag UnCase counters the slippery texture of Apple’s anodized aluminium and makes your iPhone less likely to be dropped. Your iPhone still looks and feels like an iPhone—only warmer, with a more secure grip. Peace of mind through minimal design.

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