Trimork, Revolutionary Trailer & Container System

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Easily and safely lower your trailer to a ground level. Leave your trailer bed where ever you want and drive off with your axle. Because Trimork does not need any hydraulics, motors or pumps. This trailer is easy to load and affordable for the everyday user. The idea to create such an effortless ground loading trailer came to Laurens and his dad Ludo when his nephew had to go through the backbreaking task of loading an “hoof stall” on to his trailer every other day. When Trimork is at ground level it is perfectly flat (0% slope). In combination with the special designed opening hatch you can easily push or ride heavy objects like motorcycles, lawnmowers, pallettrucks, wheelbarrows, etc.. into your trailer bed. When your cargo is successfully and safely secured, all you need to do is drive your car backwards and the patented system lifts up your trailer bed. After lifting the trailer bed you use the winch and secure your trailer bed onto the shaft. You can also disconnect the trailer bed from the axle and use it as a small container system. This means you can leave your trailer bed and cargo anywhere you want. Or own multiple trailer beds that you can pick up with one axle. That truly makes it a revolutionary ground loading trailer indeed!

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