U-Socket USB Wallplug FastMac

$25 USD
U-Socket USB Wallplug FastMac

Modernize your home and office. U-Socket is an AC receptacle with built-in USB ports that can power ANY device that is capable of being charged via USB, including iPods, iPhones and iPads. Designed to replace a traditional 3-prong AC wall outlet, U-Socket eliminates the clutter of AC Adapters that stick out and take up space. Enjoy the convenience of USB ports built right into the wall. In addition to keeping things neat and organized, U-Socket reduces your energy costs thanks to its 5-star energy efficient design that auto senses the required wattage and only outputs full power if something is connected to it. Designed and made in USA, U-Socket is 100-percent safe and listed to multiple UL, NEC and IEC (International Electrical Commission) standards.

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U-Socket USB Wallplug FastMac
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