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Kaisr – Inflatable Air Lounge

KAISR is a super comfy, lightweight, easy to carry lounge chair, which inflates within seconds.

The KAISR Original is a super comfy, lightweight, easy to carry lounge chair, which inflates within seconds. It’s designed for ultimate relaxation, anywhere, anytime. The KAISR Original is fun to use and will last a lifetime. It’s perfect for those sunny days at the beach or at the park. Or even to bring along to the music festivals. If you like to travel outdoors during summer, this is a perfect lounge chair for you. It’s easy to carry and super easy to use at the same time. Be it at the beach or the park, you can use KAISR anywhere and everywhere you wish to. This lounge chair has been tested thoroughly under tough conditions, and it works pretty well no matter where you go. Lounging with absolute comfort was never this easy before.

Lounge Without Carrying the Baggage

KAISR was born to replicate the simplicity of a dry bag in your lounge chair. The use of an ultra-light air-tight fabric helped in making this kind of design possible. Regardless of where you are or when you need a little “you” time to rejuvenate yourself, the KAISR is the absolute best thing to have with you. It's lightweight, extremely comfortable and a snap to set-up and use. You only need two scoops of air to enjoy relaxation on this new-age lounge chair. No external pump required at all. Deflating KAISR is as easy as inflating it. But, the thing that everyone likes the most about the KAISR (besides the fact that it’s super comfy) is that it’s highly portable and nothing like a bulky bean bag you need to carry around.

More on KAISR Original

The KAISR Original can be used on any surface such as grass and sand. It can also endure rougher surfaces such as those with (small) rocks, or hard pavement. Coming to the team, KAISR consists of a group of designers who spend their free time in the outdoors. Their team has grown to a modest five full-timers who share a passion for traveling, outdoor experiences, relaxing and creating outstanding products. They have got over 25 years of designing high performance products out of advanced materials which is why KAISR is so unique.

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Sold By :
Colors :
True Black, Electric Blue, Magnetic Orange, Silver Gray, Deep Red, Hot Pink
Single Fill Lasting :
6 hours
Waterproof :
Weight Capacity: 3 adults (up to 250 kg)
Weight :
1.3 KG (2.8Lbs)
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