Vegua – The Most Beautiful Way To Grow Food

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In short, the Vegua is a combination between a small aquarium and a planter with a tasteful design. It is an eco-friendly interior design product which allows you to grow delicious biological herbs, small vegetables and fruits right in your own living room, kitchen or office. The Vegua uses aquaponics; fish will help you grow fresh organic food easy and fast. It is a self-cleaning ecosystem with almost no maintenance at all. You can grow herbs like Basil, Mint, Parsley and Thyme, but also small vegetables and fruits like Tomatoes, Peppers and even Strawberries. From a simple salad, shake or pesto up to a delicious extensive meal, you can use own produced food in numerous ways. Fish like Bloodfin Tetras, Goldfish and White Cloud are easily kept and if you put a small heater in the water, other varieties like Guppies, Black Mollies and Zebra Danios will be perfectly happy too. Be quick and get your own Vegua now at the best price ever.

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