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Dec 012018

Kawamboo Bamboo Coffee Press

Made from authentic bamboo, each one features a unique design.

Oct 042018

Espro Travel Coffee Press

In just four minutes, you get piping hot coffee just the way you like it.

Sep 182018

Palmpress Single Serve Coffee Press

Hand-brew tasty coffee no matter where you are with the Palmpress Single Serve Coffee Press. Designed for single servings of coffee, this portable device makes delicious hot, iced, or even cold brew coffee. Likewise, it simplifies the art of hand-pour..

Oct 302016

Blue Sky Coffee Press Blend

Enjoy the robust flavor of coffee as it if were prepared by a professional with the Blue Sky Coffee Press Blend. Made of durable materials, this compact device is the perfect size for one to two cups of coffee. To..

Oct 022016

Star Wars R2-D2 Coffee Press

Make your mornings more scientifically sound with this R2-D2 Coffee Press. It’s another ThinkGeek original product designed exclusively for your modern kitchen. You can put your grounds and boiling water in the glass body, brew for a few minutes, plunge,..

Jul 162016

FUSE Modular Coffee Press

If you desire to have a coffee maker that lets grind your coffee bean right before you brew, then the FUSE Modular Coffee Press is the perfect choice for you. The primary unit of FUSE is the Coffee chamber with a..

Jan 222014

Eileen 8-Cup French Coffee Press CoffeeMaker

The Eileen Coffee Press from Bodum is a French Press coffeemaker named after designer Eileen Gray. It combines the legendary name with a design capable of withstanding the endless strain of keeping the patrons of cafes in Paris hopped up..

Feb 272019

Twist Press Portable Coffee Maker

It can produce a tasty, smooth cup of coffee in just half a minute.

Apr 072018

Coffee and Tea Home Brewer

Easily brew your own coffee and tea at home with the FLASK Coffee and Tea Home Brewer. Featuring an easy-to-use brew method, the FLASK enables anyone to make delicious tea or coffee. It produces a better cup with various filter..

Nov 042016

The AnyCafé Travel Brewer – The Travel Mug That Brews Coffee

The AnyCafé Travel Brewer is a coffee maker combined with a travel mug that lets you brew coffee anytime and anywhere. It is the vehicle for bringing coffee brewing to the mobile age. Never again will you have to go..

May 182017

LINKYO French Press Coffee Maker

Enjoy the best tasting coffee each morning with the LINKYO French Press Coffee Maker. Featuring highly durable 18/10 stainless steel, this system is virtually indestructible. The LINKYO French Press is complete with a double wall construction. With this, the coffee..

Sep 052018

Bodum Chambord & Bistro Coffee Set

Enjoy the freshest tasting coffee every morning when you have the Bodum Chambord & Bistro Coffee Set. The Chambord is an easy to use French press coffee maker. Originally designed in the 50s, this coffee maker features stainless steel and..