The 10 best games for your inner competitor

Hidden beneath layers of modesty, everyone has a competitive animal lurking within. Here are the best games for trouncing your friends and having fun with the family.

The 10 best games for your inner competitor
  • What are the best games for playing in summer? Think cornhole, frisbee, and anything you can play in the pool.
  • Where can I find cool board games? Check out this awesome roundup we created just for people like you.
  • How do you stop being a sore loser? It’s pretty simple — make sure to congratulate your opponent after every loss.

To the outside world, family and friends are your closest allies. In reality, they are your fiercest competition — no matter whether you’re playing Monopoly or racing to the front door. Here are the best games for unleashing your competitive spirit in the funnest way possible.

Pongo Portable Ping Pong

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Pongo table tennis

This portable set lets you challenge your friends with some good ol’ table tennis. Pongo works on any flat surface, and the net extends up to six feet. (Price: $41.64 USD)

Floating Aqua Golf Chipping Game

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Floating golf game

Love golf? This floating mat turns your swimming pool into a devilish water hazard. You can practice alone or play nearest-the-hole against your buddies. (Price: $45 USD)

Wobblrs Soccer Tailgate Game

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Wobblrs tailgate game

This soccer-based game is a great way to while away the hours before kick-off. The idea is to hit one of the wobbling tops before your opponent manages the same feat. (Price: $40 USD)

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Laser X Micro Blasters

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Laser X tag

Laser tag is a great game for all ages. This set lets you play indoors, outside, during the day, and after dark — and the blasters have a range of 100 feet. (Price: $24.98 USD)

BEANBAGGLZ Summer Beanbag Game

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BEANBAGGLZ cornhole games

You can think of BEANBAGGLZ as cornhole 2.0. This portable set offers 33 different games for endless fun at the beach or any house party. (Price: $149.95 USD)

Glow Battle Interactive Light-Up Sword Game

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Glow Battle sword fighting

Imagine you could battle with lightsabers without worrying about being cut in half — that’s basically Glow Battle. This game is totally safe, and the swords glow after dark. (Price: $49.90 USD)

Swimline Giant Shootball Inflatable Pool Toy

best games 05

Inflatable pool hoop

Back in the pool, this inflatable hoop lets anyone hit some monster dunks. The hoop lets you shoot from all angles, adding a whole new twist to 1-on-1. (Price: $31.99 USD)

Double-Shot Arcade Basketball System

best games 04

Arcade basketball game

If you prefer shooting hoops on dry land, this awesome arcade game helps you get one over on your friends. It even has electronic infrared buzzers for a proper gametime atmosphere. (Price: $215.99 USD)

Anki OVERDRIVE Racetrack Starter Kit

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Anki OVERDRIVE racing

When it’s raining outside, this fun racing kit will continue the rivalries indoors. Each person takes control of a tiny car using their smartphone as the controller. (Price: $113.98 USD)

Instant Outdoor Badminton Court

best games 03

Popup outdoor badminton

This folding net lets you play badminton virtually anywhere. It comes with four racquets, meaning the whole family can join in the fun. (Price: $73.50 USD)

The very best games

This list is packed full of fun ways to challenge your buddies. Whether you love sports or just want to battle with foam lightsabers, there’s something here for everyone.

What’s your favorite game to play with family and friends? Leave us your recommendations in the comments!

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