To consider Indiegogo as a standard crowdfunding platform would be an understatement. From creative entrepreneurs to passionate techies, people from various fields have managed to raise more than $800M through this platform till date. According to their last financial year statistics, “More than 2.5 million people from 226 countries and territories contributed to 175,479 campaigns, ranging from innovative technology, to creative film and entertainment, to social impact.” It is inevitably one of those platforms which will help you move your project quickly from concept to production. With the help of several Indiegogo partners, you will only enhance the progress even more. As described on their blog, “These new partnerships are giving anybody with a great idea the chance to see their products in stores and online.”

Draw More Backers to Your Crowdfunding Campaign With Gadget Flow!

Now, having had the chance to be one of the top 10 partners for Indiegogo campaigns ourselves, we are now about to share with you 10 of the most unique partners (in no particular order) you can make use of when doing an Indiegogo campaign. These guys go an extra mile to help you and your project succeed!

The Gadget Flow

Ever since we began our platform in 2012, our aim has always been to make product discovery simple on the web. Along with featuring products from standalone web-shops and third party ecommerce websites, we have also had the opportunity feature more than 3,000 crowdfunding projects. With our exclusive promotional packages and around 520K social media followers, we hope to help you reach out to a larger audience day by day. Check us on Indiegogo partner gallery!

Funded Today

Their marketing system will help your project get more pledges. Like they say, “We believe smart entrepreneurs and business owners who want to raise LOTS of money, in the crowded marketplaces of Kickstarter & Indiegogo, must become master marketers, sales experts, and direct response gurus.” For more information on how this platform works, you can watch this video or refer their case studies here. Check them on Indiegogo partner gallery!

RainFactory Inc.

When you’re crowdfunding a project, the first thing that should be of primary importance is analytics. You need to make sure you are aware where your traffic is coming from and how to go about increasing that number. The team behind RainFactory Inc. mixes the right combination of research, experience design, execution, testing, and reiteration to ensure you and your products reach maximum potential. Check them on Indiegogo partner gallery!

These 10 Indiegogo Partners Can Help You Boost Your Campaign


If you are coming up with a mainstream product, you know how difficult it would be to explain all its features to your potential backers through a video and some images. That’s where Sketchfab comes in place. They offer an easy way to publish, share and embed interactive 3D content, anywhere online. Their 3D viewer can be embedded on your website and on Indiegogo, just as easily as a YouTube video. Check them on Indiegogo partner gallery!

Command Partners

From developing SEO plans to social media marketing, Command Partners have helped 175+ projects raise over 70 million in the last 5+ years with lucrative marketing plans. They bring speed, efficiency and high level strategic guidance to Indiegogo projects that will put you in the best position to succeed. A very useful platform for those who are willing to set up a proper marketing plan for their project. Check them on Indiegogo partner gallery!


They are a very useful platform for the hardware manufacturers. This is a cloud based platform which will enable you to manage product development, connect with manufacturing and supply chain industry experts, and bring your projects to market. With them by your side, you will surely get to build your hardware, faster! Check them on Indiegogo partner gallery!


Robotics is doing good rounds in crowdfunding today. If you happen to be a robot manufacturer too, then Robohub is the partner you must go for. They are a non-profit with in-depth experience in science communication and a reader base of 80K monthly visitors who are passionate about robotics. Just what you need for promoting your robotics campaign. Check them on Indiegogo partner gallery!

3D Hubs

Offering the largest choice of cutting edge materials, for designers and engineers that do prototyping and small series production. It’s a must watch for 3D printing industry experts and manufacturers as they are one of the largest network of local 3D printing services. Simply upload your 3D design, choose a 3D print service and pick up your order or get it shipped, depending on your preference. Check them on Indiegogo partner gallery!

These 10 Indiegogo Partners Can Help You Boost Your Campaign

Wearable World

Built exclusively for the Internet of Things and wearable ecosystem, the Wearable World pioneers the world’s first accelerator focused on the Internet of Things (IoT), Wearables, and emerging technologies. As they say, “Our goal is to become the instrumental leader and driving force in IoT innovation for brands, businesses, governments and bright minds. Our business model uniquely blends the best of venture acceleration, entrepreneurial mentorship, corporate strategic partnerships, and media into one thriving community.” Check them on Indiegogo partner gallery!

These 10 Indiegogo Partners Can Help You Boost Your Campaign

Ignite Agency

They are specialists in following a 210 step process for promoting your crowdfunding campaign. From campaign design to videography, their services are varied to give your project the boost it needs. Check them on Indiegogo partner gallery!

These 10 Indiegogo Partners Can Help You Boost Your Campaign

That was our 10 unique list. Do you have others in mind?

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