21 Amazing Kickstarter Tips That Can Turn Your Crowdfunding Journey Into a Mesmerising Ride

Having one creative idea isn’t the only criterion that can take you through the entire process of crowdfunding on Kickstarter easily. What’s equally important is how you get your consumers glued to your product and eventually land up backing for it. It’s the presentation that can actually give your creative idea the best chance to shape its’ way into reality. We had discussed on some of the techniques that have been followed by successfully funded projects on Kickstarter till date and what fresh Kickstarters can learn from them. Today, let’s just roll the dice again and get on with some more incredible tips that needs to be followed in order to ensure mainstream popularity followed by success.

Kickstarter Crowdfunding Tips

Have a look:

1. Firstly, make sure your funding goal is well calculated keeping in mind the mass production costs and every other detail that’s required to get your product manufactured in large scales post the funding period. Once made live, the funding goal cannot be changed on Kickstarter.

2. The Project Title and Cover Image are the two most important details on your project page that actually draws user attention. That’s because these are the things that gets highlighted every time your project gets shared on social media or via emails. Try to make them as eye-catching as possible as these have the potential of being your doorway to success.

3. Think carefully before setting the Project Deadline as once set, it cannot be altered. According to Kickstarter rules, you could choose upto 60 days for keeping your project live. Thus, select a possible funding period depending on your priorities.

4. Deciding upon the right category for your product can be a bit confusing at times – especially when you find it fitting in more than two categories. In such cases, you could take help from your peers or the Kickstarter professionals themselves in choosing the right option.

5. Use your best words to make your product’s short bio sound unique and attractive. This is, after all, the description that’s going to appear on the project’s widget when it will be displayed under the specific project categories on Kickstarter.

6. Make sure your personal bio is well explained under the “Project By” category. It gives the backers a clear idea of the souls or the company behind the project. You could also give references to your previous Kickstarter campaigns (if any) to increase that trust factor amongst your backers.

7. Having a separate website for your product always works as an additional portal which helps you to explain your products without following any guidelines other than your own. Your backers gain more confidence in spending money for your idea because now they get an assurance of reaching out to you outside Kickstarter as well.

8. Explain your product in detail on the campaign page. Have separate headlines for each detail you’ll be explaining, be it the overview of the product, the features it comprises of, types and colors (if available), what led to the idea of finding it etc.

9. Ensure you have hands-on images of the product in use which can give a fair idea of how it’s eventually going to work when used by the backers in future.

10. It’s advisable to have a chalked out plan of your entire product manufacturing and shipping process with estimated dates of completion, thus providing reliable information on product delivery to the backers.

11. Since Kickstarter features a separate category on “Updates” where you can actually keep your backers or everyone informed about the progress in product development, use it well. Backers love to know about every single update and here’s a chance to give it to them quite easily.

12. Submitting your project on The Gadget Flow may be a good choice as well given the fact we have over 15M yearly visitors 30.000+ Users and 100.000 app users already with 6 new gadgets updated on a daily basis. Since the aim is about making your crowdfunding project popular, it’s good to enlist your upcoming product in front of so many targeted users at once. 

13. Though having a video on your Kickstarter page is optional, it’s still preferred to have one on your campaign page as this can give the backers an overview of the product including how it’ll work within a few minutes. Visual appeal plays an important role in making a product acceptable amongst the users.

14. If you have separate versions of your product depending on the price tags, mention it distinctly while explaining your project. Don’t forget to mention the exact differences that lay amongst each version and why users should choose one from the other.

15. Always prefer to be open to your users regarding any kind of risks or challenges you may have to endure while going through the project development. Kickstarter has a separate column for you to write on this and it’s better to make use of it and stay frank with your backers than leaving it blank.

16. If at times, the project description stretches too long and you kind of start fearing whether the audience is actually going to be interested in reading all of it, you could opt to use the FAQ section by Kickstarter. State all your important product details including warranty features, shipping dates, or any other preferred data in a crisp and to-the-point format thus making your backers find their way to knowing the project easily.

17. Never lose out on grabbing the attention from the press. Try to get some coverage on your local newspapers or the online news portals and make sure to highlight them on your Kickstarter project page. Good words from the press always adds on to your product’s genuineness in the market.

18. Social media is one of the most active methodologies followed today in order to attract mass attention. But do not overdo your social media activities for promotion in a way that can lead to your project being a disastrous failure even after having the potential of success. Instead, use it in a way that makes you get into the good books of consumers who shall eventually turn into potential backers.

19. Make it a point of paying attention to your project’s “Comments” bar which often has a lot of opinions on your project from the backers. Be it good or bad, you should always cater to every viewpoint of the backers in a positive way and not create any kind of negative impression.

20. Sometimes, for better user-engagement, it could be great if you personally stay in touch with your backers thanking them for their support and help. After all, they are the ones who have had a major contribution in making your dream venture real.

21. Finally, don’t party without your backers once you reach your funding goal. Organize a meetup or a digital hangout, send thank you goodies or do whatever possible to make your backers realize you understand the value they have had on getting your project successful. Celebrating your success with them will definitely leave behind a positive impression which can be useful in any future endeavor you get yourself into.

Apart from these hands on tips, you also need to go through the Kickstarter guidelines before launching any project on the site. Kickstarter’s indeed a platform which has truly brought forth a better chance for creative innovation to shine in the real world. Keep showering the world with outstanding creations and turn our lives into becoming more enjoyable and stress-free. To know more, feel free to check our posts on Kickstarter project tips and promotions. Happy Gadgeting!

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