20 Important Tips Every Crowdfunding Project Owner Should Follow

If you have already had your hands on launching a crowdfunding project, you will know that this is not an easy process. Just launching a project isn’t enough. You need to think of ways to increase the outreach and attract more potential backers towards your project. But these are real people we are talking about. Spammy marketing strategies won’t work with them. What you need is something totally genuine and out of the box. You can always brainstorm your ideas with your team (if you’re working with one) or discuss on forums and come up with fresh ideas to make your project even more successful. Here is a checklist with 20 important tips and tactics that can help you get started with the process.

30 Important Tips Every Crowdfunding Project Owner Should Follow

1. Plan your social media strategy from beforehand. Gathering a good follower base prior to the launch of your product isn’t a bad idea after all.

2. Make sure your posts on social media platforms are catchy and not repetitive. Try to highlight the attractive features of your product every time!

3. Having a blog always works. You can talk about the work progress or even discuss the benefits of using your product throughout your campaign period. Using good headlines is a must in this case. The CoSchedule Headline Analyzer can prove to be useful in that zone.

4. You can always have different strategies for different social media channels. For example, using Twitter as a forum to chat with your potential backers shall work. Instagram, on the other hand, can be your way of interacting with your followers through images.

5. Put some extra effort on product photography and make your product images stand out. Lifestyle images are the new cool in this area of photography so having some for your project is a must. Always remember that these images are the only examples they will get to see before they put their money on your project.

6. Make your pitch video compact by avoiding any unnecessary filming. Stick to the point and show the world everything important about your product only.

7. Never miss out on replying to the comments, social media interactions and emails that you’ll be receiving from your backers during your campaign period. Be prompt and build trust that way.

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8. Social media management tools like Buffer and Hootsuite can help you plan your strategy pretty well. But always make sure you aren’t posting the same thing again and again. Be creative and make your posts unique.

9. Twitter Tip: Always use a period “.” or any other punctuation mark if you are beginning a public tweet with an “@”. Else, your tweet will be considered private and won’t reach all your followers except the one you mentioned in the beginning with the “@”.

10. Do some prior research with the hashtags that will go best with your project and try adding them to your tweets or posts as and when necessary. A couple per post is considered fine.

30 Important Tips Every Crowdfunding Project Owner Should Follow

11. Since you can now add media to your social media posts, you can always add some live demos of your product and show your backers what it will be like using it real time.

12. If possible, you can also try Periscope and chat with your backers real time to make your project more justifiable.

13. You can always use the social media messaging platforms to thank your backers personally and attend to their queries as well.

14. You can try platforms like MailerLite and make some catchy newsletters throughout your campaign period. Be a bit tight in the frequency though! An email every day asking people to back your project might not sound catchy but spammy after a while.


15. Reach out to your contacts and share your project with them. Ask these people to reshare it among their own community and spread the news that way. Word of mouth marketing is niche but always generates better outreach than others.

16. Every where you market your project, make sure you add the link. ALWAYS.

17. Always think from the perspective of the backers and whether you would have been interested in reposting the project on your social media channels had you come across it on the web. Create your posts based on that.

18. Be a constant reviewer of your campaign dashboard and keep a check on where the traffic is coming from. Work on your strategies accordingly.

19. Reach out to bloggers who might be interested in doing a review on your product and be polite in asking for a review from them.

20. Finally, always remember to focus on what you’re creating rather than the money you’re raising.

With that said, it would be wise now to hear some feedback from your end. Share your thoughts and new tips, if any, in the comments below. Happy Crowdfunding!

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