3 Clean Websites for Selling Back Your Phone

3 Clean Websites for Selling Back Your Phone

For many reasons, upgrading your phone seems like a necessity; the draws of extended battery life, a more weightless feel and extra features are alluring, as are the repeated offers from your phone carrier to upgrade. Basically, at one point or another, we all upgrade our phones, turning our old phone into nothing more than an expensive alarm clock.

So what should you do with your old phone once you have no use for it? Consider using the three beautifully designed sites below to sell your phone. They are safe, secure and easy to use so anyone can sell their phone safely and profitably.


The layout for Glyde is easy and accessible, with two large links at the top that denote whether you want to buy or sell. When clicking on sell, you are brought to a colorful page where images of the most popular phones are available, including Apple iPhone, Samsung, HTC, BlackBerry, Dell, LG, Motorola, Nokia, etc. Simply select your phone’s brand and click the drop-down ‘Select a model’ menu.

From here, Glyde asks you three questions: What network do you have? What is the capacity of your phone? What color is your phone? These three questions will enable Glyde to find the best price possible for you based on your phone’s specific model and specifications. With this information, Glyde will list your phone.

Once your phone is purchased, Glyde will email and send you a Glyde shipping kit, which is easy to use since it comes with a pre-paid label. Once the buyer receives your phone, your consequent cash is deposited into your Glyde account, where you can transfer your earnings to your existing bank account, Bitcoin address or receive a paper check.

The Whiz Cells

The allure of The Whiz Cells is proclaimed in large letters on their home page: “Sell Your Old Phone or Tablet For Cash! No Hassle! We pay shipping and even provide the box.” Simply click on ‘Devices’ at the top, select your carrier, your phone brand and the phone model. You’ll instantly see the normal going rate for the specific model in question, providing you an estimate of sorts before you provide any information. This is very useful for deciding if it’s worth the trouble to sell your old phone or not.

Once your phone is listed and sold, The Whiz Cells also allows you to track the order, so you can maintain clear and prompt communication with the seller to ensure a smooth transaction. In addition to paying you via check, The Whiz Cells also gives you the option to receive payment through PayPal, a great feature that the aforementioned Glyde does not allow. If you want to sell your phone and being paid through PayPal is preferred, definitely consider this option.


With free shipping, a 30-day price guarantee and prompt payment, the quick convenience of uSell makes it the preferred phone-selling middle man for some. It’s also one of the most recognizable, with mentions in the New York Times, Forbes NBC, ABC and CNET.

While many other phone selling sites make you wait for payment until someone buys your old phone, the quick convenience of uSell involves its instant offer feature. uSell has a vast network of trusted and professional buyers who are already seeking most phone types. With free shipping and fast payment via PayPal or check, uSell represents one of the most reliable and promptest phone selling services on the web.

If you want to get rid of your old phone and make a few extra bucks, one of these sites is sure to help you out.

Know of any other clean and easy-to-use buyback sites for phones? Share the ones you  like in the comments section below!

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