6 Blogs to follow for useful crowdfunding tips

Over the years, people have started to accept crowdfunding as a worthwhile form of fundraising. But how to navigate this arena is still a myth among many makers and creators. Here is a list of our favorite blogs to make the process all a bit easier.

6 Blogs to follow for useful crowdfunding tips
  • What steps should you follow before launching a crowdfunding project? We’ve created a cheat sheet you can follow to make the process of planning your crowdfunding launch easy and hassle-free.
  • Where can you find influential backers for your crowdfunding campaign? From dedicated websites to social media, finding influential backers will be easy if you take tips from these online services.
  • Which mistakes should you avoid in crowdfunding? Every form of fundraising has its pros and cons. Make sure you don’t make these mistakes while planning your crowdfunding campaign.

Thanks to the popularity of crowdfunding, there are knowledgeable articles all over the internet about how to be successful on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. From writing a pitch to creating a killer video, there is just so much to consider before you launch. Like any new endeavor, you’ll need proper guidance and information to get it right.

So, we’ve rounded up some of the best blogs we could find for useful crowdfunding tips. Make sure to bookmark them before planning your next campaign and subscribe to their updates so you never miss a post.


From podcasts to YouTube videos with industry experts and successful crowdfunding campaign creators, Salvador Briggman has been dishing out some industry secrets with CrowdCrux. This blog provides a lot of valuable information and what you need to do in order to get to the top. He’s made it even easier for you to grasp all the information in an entertaining way.

Art of the Kickstart

This blog is another with a lot of crowdfunding podcasts and each one is chock full of useful tips. The posts offer plenty of details and topics to make the most of your campaign launch. With nearly 250 podcasts with industry experts, they’ve made their mark in the world of crowdfunding advice.

Get access to valuable crowdfunding resources

Get access to valuable crowdfunding resources

Funded Today

The team behind Funded Today are experts in dealing with crowdfunding campaign exposure. They also maintain a blog which is full of useful, must-read content to consult while planning your crowdfunding campaign. From the platform you select to the way you should showcase your product, their blog has everything you need to plan a successful crowdfunding project.


Backerkit makes the entire process of managing your crowdfunding campaign as easy as possible. From surveys to shipping, they cover it all and so does their blog. Their content is diverse in terms of topic selection but they all relate to crowdfunding. As a result, you can understand all the inner workings of the crowdfunding world even before you launch. The topics also extend into well after your project has ended to keep you on the path to success.

Enventys Partners

The beauty of this blog lies in its versatility. They not only focus on crowdfunding but also on e-commerce in general. This is really important for those who want to form a business after crowdfunding. The blog highlights valuable tips and resources you can use while planning each phase of crowdfunding – including before and after.

And, finally – Gadget Flow

At Gadget Flow, we have been blogging about tech industry trends and product roundups but we also have a vast collection of valuable marketing tips for crowdfunding campaigns as well as e-commerce brands. The aim is to make the entire process of crowdfunding easy to understand and navigate. We have also started our own series of podcasts with industry experts and entrepreneurs who share their input on industry trends each month. With time, we want to shape this blog into an even better hub for sharing important resources related to crowdfunding.

That being our list of favorites, we’d love to hear from you about any blog we’ve missed in this list. Please feel free to share with us in the comments below.

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