6 gadgets every photographer should have

You have an eye for seeing the world around you in a different way. While your DSLR lets you capture the world as you see it, the right accessories can take your work up a notch.

6 gadgets every photographer should have
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Whether you’re a pro with a long list of clients or simply a shutterbug, the best camera is always the one you have on you. When it comes to your DSLR, you need to know the ins and outs and how it all works. But, having the right accessories by your side can help you open a new world of creativity. Check out our list of gadgets every photographer should have.

LitraPro Full Spectrum Compact Light

Small enough to fit in your pocket, the compact LitraPro easily goes wherever your creativity takes you. Additionally, it offers 3000-6000K variable color temperature and up to 12,000 lumens that are adjustable in increments. The light is complete with a 70-degree beam angle and it’s fully dimmable.

Why we love it: It’s small and mighty so you can have the perfect lighting anywhere you go.

DJI Ronin-S Motorized DSLR Gimbal

Photo and video go hand in hand and this handheld gives you the stabilization and versatility you need for incredible footage. The Ronin-S Gimbal bridges the gap between mobile videography and larger cinematic cameras. With this device, you can use your trusty DSLR for seamlessly smooth footage every time.

Why we love it: It takes average skills to a pro level for stunning footage.

Adjustable Leather DSLR Wrist Strap

Featuring beautiful vegetable tanned full grain leather, this strap is comfortable and convenient. Under the leather is a super soft layer of wool felt to rest against your skin. In addition, you can adjust the strap around your wrist for optimal comfort and handling.

Adjustable DSLR wrist strap

Adjustable DSLR wrist strap

Why we love it: It saves your neck and gives you much-needed grip on your expensive gear.

My Passport Wireless Shock-Resistant SSD

Thanks to the one-touch copy button, this rugged device can copy across media from any SD memory card. It can also import photos and videos from USB card readers, which is useful when you are using an older DSLR.

Why we love it: As they say, you should back up your work immediately. This nifty gadget works with all the cards you have.

GOgroove DSLR Camera Backpack

While sporting a stylish exterior, this bag is complete with a compartmentalized design to separate your gear. The bottom of the bag has Velcro dividers that you can arrange and rearrange as you need. In addition, the side features a convenient zipper to quickly access your most-used lens.

DSLR Camera Backpack

DSLR Camera Backpack

Why we love it: It holds everything you could need for a photoshoot along with space for your personal items.

FLM Berlin 38.4 Tripod

Featuring 10-layer carbon fiber tubes and a one-piece milled aluminum apex, the Berlin 38.4 is a durable and versatile tripod with a 10-year warranty. It offers a removable center plate or bowl adapter, allowing the use of 75mm and 100mm bowl systems.

Why we love it: It comes with a whopping 10-year warranty.

Which gadgets do you use to enhance your photography skills? Share with us in the comments below.

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